You needn’t visit all 7,107 islands that make up the Philippines to be enchanted by the nation. palawan, the largest archipelago in the country, will enchant you all by itself as Tubbataha reef philippines.

If you come from a Tubbataha  metropolitan city defined by traffic and noise, something will hit you when you get off the flight at Puerto Princesa , the capital of Tubbataha Palawan. Something that falls between freshness, calm and simplicity. A minute at the airport and you’ll know that life in Palawan Moves a few Kilometers per Hour slower than the way you know it. Just so you can stop to smell the roses in Tubbataha.

Tubbataha City In A Forest


As opposed to most cities that come up on felled trees and razed forests, Puerto Princesa looks like it carved its roads through a forest it hated to disturb, the citizens gather every year for a fest, Feast of the forest, when thousands of trees are planted by people from every walk of life. The flourishing greenery gives the city carbon-neutral air, so don’t forget to take some deep breaths as you drive through. It’s not for nothing that the Tubbataha city is known as the cleanest and greenest in the country. And as your guide will proudly tell you, it’s called the city of Living God, so divine is its beauty.

The World Under Our World – Tubbataha Reef Philippines


With a host of protected areas and two of the country’s six UNESCO world Heritage Sites, Palawan safeguards its natural resources Subterranean River National Park is on e of the new seven wonders of nature and a boat trip through the St. Pauls underground River cave will give you glimpses of miracles that unbridled natural forces can create. In addition to a number of awe-inspiring stalactite and stalagmite formations along the walls, the cave houses a full-fledged ‘chapel’ will a dome measuring hundreds of meters, complete with rock formatting resembling Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Joseph and a huge melting candle. City of Living God, Indeed.


The Tubbataha Reef- also a world Heritage Site- was declared as the country’s first national marine park in 1988. with submerged corals, islets, lagoon and hundreds, nature comes to you in all shapes an color here. Go from underwater delights to creepy reptiles at the Palwan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation canter, formely know as the Crocodile Farm and Nature Park. A sanctuary for the philippine crocodile, the Hatching house at the center has hundreds of crocodile hatching segregated according to the stage of grwoth.

Stop And Stare in Tubbataha Reef philippines


If you find the time to traval El-Nido , You’d know you were wrong when you thought  Tubbataha Reef Philippines( Palawan) could not be any more beautiful. The breathtaking group of islands at El-Nido was made to be started at, open-mouthed. with luxurious resorts offering you direct view of the sea from the room (some rooms are actually built on shallow waters on the beach) and a string of activities such as snorkeling, Kayaking, diving, etc.., you’ll never get the enough of the island-hopping here.

The beauty of palawan of Tubbataha, perhaps, second to two things – the aroma of its seafood and the courteousness of its people. Tubbataha Palawan’s residents love all the beauty of their surroundings, and love all the beauty of their surroundings, and love all those who appreciate it. The brightness of the sun here can be challenged only by one other brightness- that of the people’s smiles. It’s an islands that has got everything right, except one-a certain quote on its T-Shirt. Because, It looks palawan conquered.

What’s What:

Getting There:

Puerto Princesa International Airport is the main gateway to Palawan, major airlines serve international and domestic flights, Philippine Airlines, Air Philippines, Cebu Pacific and AirAsia Zest have flights to and from Manila and Cebu, PAL Express (Air Philippines) have flights to and from Busuanga. El Nido Airport, charter flights are provided Island Transvoyager Inc. (ITI) while Seasonal flights are offered by SEAIR. A new community airport is near completion in San Vicente.


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