Detroit MI is the largest city in the state of Michigan of the U.S. It is the largest and the most populous city of the state, and it is located in the United States–Canada border. There is a major port on the Detroit river, that connects the Great lake to the Saint Lawrence Seaway. Detroit is the center for the Wayne County, the largest county in the Michigan State. Due to the increase of automobile industries the city became a metropolitan area in the 20th century. The automobile giant Ford’s founder Henry Ford’s house is located in the city of Detroit MI.


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Places to Visit in Detroit MI:

The following are the top tourist destinations in the city of Detroit MI.

Motown Museum:

The Motown Museum was founded in 1985 by Ester Gordy Edwards. It is one of the Michigan’s most popular tourist destinations. It is just 4 kilometers from the heart of the city. Visitors come from across the world to stand in Studio A to view the flat where Berry Gordy lived in the earlier days of the company. Visitors can also see the studio where Marvin Gaye and others produced hit songs.

The mission of the Motown museum is to preserve the legacy of the Motown Record Company and to educate and motivate people especially the youth, not only in America but across the world. Click here to get more information about Motown museum of Detroit MI.



Charles H. Wright Museum:

The Charles Museum tells the role of the blacks in the United States of America and their position in the city of Detroit. The Museum is located next to the Science Center of Michigan and within one block of the Detroit Institute of Arts.

The Museum is accessible to the visitors with disabilities. The museum holds the world’s largest permanent exhibit on African American culture. The museum has dual missions, serving as both a museum of artifacts and a place of cultural retention and growth. The museum holds more than 30,000 artifacts. Click to get more information on the Charles museum on Detroit MI.


Detroit Historical Museum:

The Detroit Historical Museum is located opposite to the Institute of Arts. It was founded in 1921 by Clarence M. Burton. The Museum tells the general overview of Detroit and the events that shaped the city. It chronicles the history of the Detroit area from cobblestone streets, 19th century stores, the auto assembly line, toy trains, fur trading from the 18th century etc. The Historical Museum has more than 200,000 artifacts with it. Everybody who visit Detroit should visit the museum to study the history of the city and the events held in the city of Detroit. Click here to get more information on this museum in Detroit MI.


Historic Fort Wayne:

The Fort Wayne is located in the City of Detroit at the foot of Livernois Avenue. The Fort is situated near the detroit river and it is just 1.5 kilometer to the Canadian Shore. The Fort Wayne Military museum was operated at the Detroit Historical Museum till 2006 after that the fort has been operated by the Detroit Recreation Department. It tells about the history of the U.S military in Detroit.  The fort Wayne hosts many numbers of events  throughout the summer. Click here to get more information on the historic fort wayne in Detroit MI.


Detroit Public Library:

The Detroit Public Library was opened to the public on 1865 and it is the second largest library in the state of Michigan. The library has 10m departments within the main library and has 23 branches. The main attraction of the library is it building and it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  The Detroit Public Library offers  CDs, books, magazines, records, videos, DVDs and electronic materials to the users  through access to subscription databases. Click to get more information on this library in Detroit MI.


Masonic Temple of Detroit:

The Masonic Temple of Detroit is a classical architecture of Gothic built with the Indiana limestone. The temple was opened in 1926 and is the largest temple in the world of this architecture. The building has three divisions they are as follows.

  • 1. The ritualistic tower
  • 2. The auditorium
  • 3. The Shrine Club

The Masonic  temple of Detroit hosts concerts and other events . The temple is famous for its giant theatre with a capacity of more than 1000. Click here to get more information on the masonic temple in Detroit MI.


The Henry Ford Museum:

The Museum is 15 kilometers away from the wet of the city and the place, where it located is Dearbon. In this place the automobile manufacture giant,  Henry Ford was born. The area of the museum is 12 acres.  Just north of the Henry Ford Museum is the entrance to the Greenfield Village, an open-air museum with around 100 historic buildings of the 18th and 19th centuries from all over the United States. The house in which Henry Ford was born is also one among them. There are many shops available in the craft center and they sell the products of the various workshops in the village. Click here to get more information on the henry ford museum in Detroit MI.


Belle Isle:

Belle Isle is an island located in the Detroit River. It is about 4.5 kilometres long and 1.5 kilometres wide. The Belle Isle has wonderful parklands, hiking trails and many sports facilities. Also it contains an aquarium and the Dossin Great Lakes Museum. The museum contains various ship models and other features elaborating the history of shipping on the Great Lakes of Detroit River.  Click here to get more information on the belle Isle in Detroit MI.


How to Reach:

By air:

There are about eight airports in Detroit including the Windsor International Airport. The airports have flights frequently to various parts of the country and also to the various parts of the world. This makes it as a major tourist destination o the country. Click here to get more information on the airports in Detroit MI. Other places to see near America.

By Bus:

Buses are available frequently from Detroit to the various tourists destinations  I have mentioned above in this post and also to the various parts of the country. Bus schedules in the city of Detroit MI.


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