Manipur is a state in India. Manipur, the land popularly referred to as the ‘Switzerland of India’ is the right tourist destination for nature lovers.Located in North East India amidst breathtaking blue hills, Manipur is amazingly soul-captivating.It is bounded by Nagaland to the north, Mizoram to the south, and Assam to the west; Burma lies to its east.The state is rich in every sense, be it in the beauty of nature or the culture of the land. Its capital is Imphal. Manipur has been at the crossroads of Asian economic and cultural exchange for more than 2,500 years. The climate of Manipur is largely influenced by the topography of this hilly region. Lying 790 meters above sea level, Manipur is wedged among hills on all sides.


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Places to Visit in Manipur:

Manipur is famous for its sound nature. The culture of the people attracts more tourists to the state. Greenery accompanies a moderate climate. The hills in the state is also an other reason for its speciality. The following are some of the famous places to visit in Manipur.


Imphal, the capital of Manipur. It is located at the center of the beautiful Manipur valley and is surrounded by plains and hills. The wild forest and the larger hills make it as a paraside of the earth.It reflects the rich tradition of the state.Manipur boasts of the world’s only market run by women, and the world’s only floating lake.Foreigners must register themselves with the Foreigner’s Registration Office within 24 hours of entry to Manipur. The famous spots in Imphal are as follows. More Information on Imphal.

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Manipur State Museum:

This museum, located near the ImphalPologround has a fairly good display of the state’s heritage and a collection of portraits of Manipur’s former rulers.Items of special interests are costumes, arms and weapons, relics and historical documents. Also Museum contains Ethnology, Archeology, Natural History, Painting, Jallan, Children’s Gallery etc.


Matai Garden:

Matai Garden, located about 8 kilometres away from the town of Imphal. Matai is one of the local Gods and has been derived from the word IbudhouAsheiningthou. The Garden is located in Matai, East Imphal district. For environmentalists, nature lovers the Matai Garden is the perfect place where you can stroll around without a worry of the world, check out the many varieties of plants, shrubs and trees etc.

Kangla Fort:

A place of pride for the Manipuri, the Palace of Kangla has been standing strong since the 17th century. Kangla comes from the Meitei word meaning ‘dry land’.Kangla fort is situated on the banks of the Imphal River. Previously it is situated both eastern and western side of the banks. But now it remains only on the western side of the bank.It was the traditional seat of the past Meetei rulers of Manipur.



Bishnupur, is one of the most frequented cities in Manipur for both its natural beauty and places of worship. It is a holy land where many temples are located. The ancient temples here reflect the rich culture of the land and its architectural excellence. Following are some of the places to visit in Bishnupur.

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Dal Madol:

The cannon named as Dal Madol was built by the Malla kings to fight the Maratha invasion.It was built in the year 1742 under Raja Gopal Singh to protect Bishnupur  from Marathas. The Cannon is built with iron materials and doesn’t have any rust, though it is exposed to rain and sun since 18th century. It shows the heritage of the people lived in it.



The Rasmancha is the oldest brick temple in Bishnupur and houses idols and scriptures of Lord Krishna.This temple is surrounded by turrets, in the shape of huts which was an idea of King BirHimbira in 17th century. The Rasmancha was built in a way to accommodate the deities that people brought during the festivals.The best time to pay a visit to the Rasmancha temple is the winter season. Local transportation is available from Bishnupur to the temple premises.


Thoubal is another picturesque destination in Manipur.The Thoubal district is bounded by other districts of Manipur such as Ukhrul and Chandel in the east, Senapati in the north, Imphal West and Imphal East in the west and Churachandpur and Bishnupur in the south. Situated amidst hills, the place is perfect for trekking and hiking.Lush greenery, beautiful rivers and lakes make the place a perfect destination for outdoor activities.The town also has several market areas where shopping is quite a pleasure.From souvenirs to handicraft and handloom products these bazaars sell it all.

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Ukhrul is a city with a visual delight. The beauty of nature offers more than just visual delight. Also if greenery is something that has always attracted you, Ukhrul is the town you must visit. Ukhrul is peppered by numerous tourist attractions making Ukhrul tourism really an experience. Duncan park and El Shadai park make ideal picnic spots for tourists. Waterfalls, caves, peaks dot the topography of Ukhrul all of which truly help it to live up to its other name, the Green Town.



Chandel is the gateway to Myanmar. Myanmar lies on the south of Chandel district, Ukhrul to the east, Churachandpur to the west and south and Thoubal to the north.The geographical significance, however, does not end there. The land is rich in flora and fauna being home to a wide range of species.Moreh is located 70 kilometres from Chandel town. Moreh serves as the international trade centre of Manipur.Tengnoupal is a place of interest in Chandel as it is the highest point of the Indo-Myanmar road.

SaduChiru Waterfalls:

Located at a distance of about 25 KMs from the capital city Imphal. Also known as the Leimaram Falls, this is located within a forested section. It feels awesome taking the walk up to the point where the waterfall is located.The valley of Imphal has a glowing green color and the waterfall is located at the heart of the valley. Surround by hills covered in wild natural growths, it is a place that infuses the mind with great pleasure.Visitor need to walk for about 300 mts from the main road to reach the falls.


How to Reach:

By Air to Manipur:

ImphalTulihal Airport is located about 8km from the heart of the City and is well connected directly from the major cities of India namely Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati and major cities of North Eastern States namely Aizawl, Silchar, Dimapuretc by Daily/bi-weekly/other basis with the Domestic Air services like Air India, Indigo, King Fisher, Jet Airways, Jet Lite, Spice Jet, Air Deccan etc. Other major cities of India is connected to Imphal via Kolkata/Guwahati.

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By Bus:

From Guwahati daily on the NH 39 via Dimapur and Kohima   many  private buses available. Thenfrom Dimapur daily on the NH 39 via Kohima Manipur  many  private buses available. Alsofrom Silchar daily on the NH 53 via Jiribam  many  private buses available.

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