So you thought London is a big city and not exactly a good holiday option. We give you 10 reasons why the children would love you for changing your mind. Go ahead and plan a holiday for your family as you plan read thru this blog post. We will cover the following in this article

 1. Science Museum, London

Science Museum, London

London Science Museum is one big educational playground.   London’s Science Museum is fun and interactive with dedicated galleries for all ages. Age below 5 years can go crazy in the Pattern Pod, doing everything from finger painting to searching out nature’s patterns. Older children have the fantastic space galleries to explore, a brand-new atmosphere gallery, the interactive Launchpad, 3D movies at the IMAX theatre and simulator rides.  And even better, almost all of it is free. Ticket required only for the IMAX cinema, Simulator rides and special exhibitions. Of course, keep your wallet at the ready for Museum Shop. There are plenty of clever gizmos and fun games that neither you nor your kids will be able to resist.

‘The Natural History Museum promises Sensational Butterflies and delivers, with 40 different species including the blue morpho, swallowtail and giant birdwing.’

2. Pirates: The Captain Kidd Story at London

Pirates: The Captain Kidd Story at London

 May 20 – Oct 30, Museum of London Docklands Ahoy there! Weigh anchor at the Museum of London Docklands and discover the lawless life  on the seas. Situated in a warehouse at Canary Wharf, with the river Thames a nose away, this is the perfect place to follow the legendary Captain Kidd as he sailed across the Atlantic turning from a privateer to a pirate before being caught and executed a short distance away in Wapping.  Learn about Capt Kidd’s treasure, study maps and illustrations, see original artefacts including gold coins, and find yourself immersed in a whole lot of interactives. Childran of age group between 8 and 15 will just love the visit to the Museum.

3. Dinosaurs Unleashed , Natural History Museum London

Dinosaurs Unleashed , Natural History Museum London

Dinosaurs lived over 100 millions years ago and were the biggest, most dangerous creatures on earth. Now they’re back at Natural History Museum London. Dinosaurs step out on earth in full force as full size animatronic versions that include the T-Rex, the Diplodocus, the Triceratops and the Stegosaurus. Fossils, real and replicated, a CGI imagined prehistoric aquarium, holographic video presentations, a load of interactive and some super-cool video games are part of the exhibition. Designed for families with children between 2-12.

4. The Thempest – The Shakespeare show at London

The Thempest - The Shakespeare show at London

The Tempest is a play by William Shakespeare, believed to have been written in 1610–11, and thought by many critics to be the last play that Shakespeare wrote alone. Shakespeare’s work isn’t exactly child’s play, but that’s only because you haven’t seen Little Angel and the Royal Shakespeare Company’s The Tempest. In a shortened version of the play about one brother’s revenge upon another is conjured using supernatural beings and a whole lot of confusion on an island with a pair of young lovers. The production uses puppets, songs, live music and a raft of special effects to bring to life the magic of the story. The show’s already enjoyed rave reviews in the press many of them calling it the perfect introduction to the Bard. There are many theatre’s have Shakespeare show at London, you can looks up on the internet.

5.Enchanted Sundays  – London Art House, Islington

Enchanted Sunday at London Art House


When you’ve had your fill of sightseeing and just want to sit back and relax, without having to come up with something new to engage the kids, give Enchanted Sundays a whir. The London Art House has a range of activities that include everything from puppetry to balloon modeling, cupcake decorating, bouncy play, drumming, singing, dressing up, all culminating in a live show for the kids, while the adults can lounge about reading the papers or finishing a grand old breakfast or a very British afternoon tea. You can also upgrade to get a massage or a manicure. Enjoy.

6.Sensational Butterflies – Natural History Museum, London

Butterflies at London History Museum

If you’ve spent your life in urban India or in any other country, you probably haven’t seen a butterfly in years, and it’s likely been forever since one alighted on your hand. So imagine being in a space with 1,500 butterflies, watching hundreds of these colorful creatures flit by you or even land on you. The Natural History Museum promises Sensational Butterflies and delivers, with 40 different species including the blue morpho, swallowtail and giant birdwong. Or in other words, big beautiful, multicolored butterflies. Watch them as they hatch, emerging from the pupae, feed and figure out all that you need  to attract them to your house too. Learn about their lives and how they function in five sensory zones and buy some great souvenirs to remember your experience by.

 7. Tree House Towers – Kew Gardens, London

Tree Top Kew Garden London

They are fabulous and world-renowned but the gardens at Kew may not be enough to entertain your children. Treehouse Towers was introduced last year for that express purpose. It’s a new play area that offers a lot of climbing, clambering and sliding. It’s even more fun when all this involves ladders, rope bridges and slides. There are also giant swings and scramble nets, you can go zip lining and up a  mountaineering ramp and there’s space for 300 kids up there. And if you’re not tired by the end of it, don’t miss the Xstrata Treetop Walkway that runs for 200m right at the tops of the trees.

8. Roald Dahl Museum Story Center -Great Missenden, London

Roald-Dahl-Hut , Story Centre , London

Great Missenden,is Approximatly 40 min train ride from London Marylebone.

Fans of Roald Dahl look on further – this is your Mecca. There’s whole lot of information and memorabilia about the man who gave you Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Twits, The Fantastic Mr. Fox and James and the Giant Peach. There is also an excellent storytelling sessions and a number of interactive displays and activities. There’s the Fantastic Mr. Fox trail, craft activities, chocolate decorating, the Twit café to chow up in and a Museum shop at which to stock up on gifts, souvenirs and books.

9. Spitalfields City Farm, London

Spitalfields City Center, London

A working farm almost in the middle of the city – who would have thought it possible? Spitalfields City Farm in London’s East End is minutes away from the heart of the business district and the spot where the Great Fire of London started. It’s got pigs, sheep, chicken. Ducks, lots of small, furry creatures as well as Bayleaf the donkey and Bentley the goat. On May 15, there’s Sheep and Wool Fair with sheep shearing demonstrations, sheep races and the chance to spin and weave yarn. But that’s not the only day to have fun. There’s something on every day at the farm from gardening to donkey rides, animal care arts and crafts and cooking. For a break, carry a picnic, spread it out in the picnic area and make hay while the sun shines.

10. Free Fun at London

The London playground

There are so many places to see# we suggest make your own choice, we have listed few of them

  • Just buy a day ticket in underground Train and Visit any place.
  • Buy a day ticket and   take a London tour in a Bus and in river Themes.
  • Visit Wax Museum
  • Wait in the long Queue and take a trip in London Eye
  • and there are many more option.

Map of Holiday Locations at London

Center map
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Have a excellent holiday at London