The village cluster of Ubud is the ideal place to try a famed Balinese massage and soak up the ambiance of one of Asia’s top spa destinations. Acupressure, reflexology, stretching and aromatherapy star in the island’s distinctively firm massage treatments. Ubud is also the vivacious center of Bali’s arts scene, home to a small treasure trove of museums and galleries. Monkey around at nearby nature reserve Monkey Forest Park, home to hundreds of mischievous long-tailed macaques. Don’t miss the valley of tomb cloisters at Gunung Kawi.



Low-key Legian is the picture of relaxation. Just about the only action the beach gets is from the evening fire spinners, whose quick hands pass orange balls of light through the sky. Surfers, body boarders and sunbathers share the calm sands happily. There are plenty of markets, cafes and restaurants to satisfy your cravings for merchandise and meals. If you itch to mingle with locals, you might be able to join in the game of football that happens nightly on Blue Ocean Beach.



Nusa Dua is a hotbed of luxurious accommodations, golf resorts, fine dining and R&R. Surfing and diving are popular activities for more active visitors to this beach destination. Trek up the many steps to Mother Temple Besakih and combine sight-seeing with muscle toning. An array of spas, galleries and boutiques await those who prefer less exertion. Local Barong performances can be admired at Batubulan.


4Market. Tanah Abang subdistrict is also the location of Bung Karno Stadium (in Kelurahan Gelora) and the western half of the Sudirman Central Business District. Oil painting depicting the tomb of Heinrich Kuhl and Johan Coenraad van Hassel. The monument was designed by the painter / architect Antoine Payen. Kuhl  and Coenraad van Hasselt were members of the Committee on Physics in the Netherlands Indies. The monument stands on the famous Tanah Abang cemetery of the former Batavia.Tanah Abang is also the name of two historic roads located in Kelurahan South Petojo, Gambir Subdistrict.



Yogyakarta boasts stunning architecture and a truly spiritual sensibility. The ancient Hindu temples of Prambanan look like hand-drizzled sand castles, while the Sultan’s palace is reminiscent of a gilded music box filled with jewels. Known for its arts and handicrafts, Yogyakarta is a cultural hub, a nerve center for traditional and modern puppetry.



Chaotic, crowded, and cosmopolitan, Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is a city of contrasts. Home to millions of people from around the world, the city is a mixture of languages and cultures, poverty and wealth. The city boasts some of the best nightlife in Asia and some of the worst traffic. Every holiday, the locals escape the pollution and the crowds to enjoy relaxing diversions like Ancol Dreamland, an amusement area featuring water parks, beaches, golf courses, and a Sea World.



Senggigi is a popular area of Lombok that’s a diver’s dream, thanks to its easy access to the Gili Islands. It’s also a great base for touring local villages or just hanging out on the beach. You may experience a spiritual awakening at Pura Batu Bolong, a Hindu temple built atop a dramatic stone arch.



Kuta boasts the best beaches in Bali, a five-mile stretch of clean sand that is a magnet for surfers and sunbathers. When that golden sun goes down, the animals come out—the party animals, that is. Kuta nightlife is almost frantic, as global tourists bounce from restaurant to nightclub in an effort to soak up the Kuta experience like a well-dressed sponge.



Seminyak boasts some of the most glorious beaches in Bali. Be sure to catch the legendary sunsets and enjoy the tranquil beauty, and marvel at Balinese ceremonies on the beach, complete with gamelan players and offerings to the gods. Of course, don’t let the smooth sands and intricate cultural experiences distract you from spas and shopping! Sophisticated spas and high-end boutiques will entice you away from the waterfront—for a short time, anyway.


Pemecutan palace, Bali

Bali’s bustling capital city is a mélange of shopping centers, day spas, restaurants and unique cultural relics. Engage in thoughtful meditation at a Hindu temple; visit the Bali Museum for a taste of local art, music, theater and textiles; find spiritual and physical balance during a paddleboard yoga class; or mingle with the locals at Puputan Park, where a bronze monument honors the Balinese people who staged a suicidal resistance against occupying Dutch forces in 1906.



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