Lebanon, officially the Lebanese Republic, is a country in Western Asia. It bordered by Syria to the north & east, Palestine from the south, from the west side overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.Lebanon have beautiful Arts and Nature  in Western Shore of Asia 


Lebanon is a democratic country republican community’s rich multiplicity of cultures and the diversity of civilizations. Most of the populations are Arab Muslims and Christians. On the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, going through two parallel mountain ranges. Despite the small area is characterized by its diversity and uniqueness surprisingly rare in terms of climate, nature, culture and history. Characterized by its geographical location, which attracted different civilizations have left their mark in which the cultural and civilization effects, and this has created diversity in the archaeological features.

Beirut City of Beauty


It had been destroyed a lot, and every time it rises from death, live, beautiful than it was, more charming. It has multiple faces, face of noisy and one quiet, stylish face and other busy. In the Beirut, there is the Manara Corniche about two kilometers. And always busy with either mateur walking and jogging. Lovers and dreamers, reflect on the absence of the sun behind Pigeon Rock. Baalbeck City of The GodsNaming the city came from the installation of the words “Baal” & “back”. As they were called Hilleopols ,means city of the sun for the Romans.

Beauties of Lebanon


The Lebanon cedar is the national emblem of Lebanon. In ancient times, Lebanon was covered by large forests of cedar trees, the national emblem of the country. The forests cover 13.4% of the Lebanese land area; they are under constant threat from wildfires caused by the long dry summer season.  As a result of longstanding exploitation, few old Cedar trees remain in pockets of forests in Lebanon, but there is an active program to conserve and regenerate the forests. The Lebanese approach has emphasized natural regeneration over planting by creating the right conditions for germination and growth.

Discover the region


Lebanon is divided into four distinct physiographic regions: the coastal plain, the Lebanon mountain range, the Beqaa valley and the Anti-Lebanon mountains. The narrow and discontinuous coastal plain stretches from the Syrian border in the north where it widens to form the Akkar plain to Ras al-Naqoura at the border with Israel in the south. The fertile coastal plain is formed of marine sediments and river deposited alluvium alternating with sandy bays and rocky beaches. The Lebanon mountains rise steeply parallel to the Mediterranean coast and form a ridge of limestone and sandstone that runs for most of the country’s length.



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