With its thriving, cosmopolitan culture and world-renowned programmes, the uk has gained prominence as one of the top study destinations for international students

Picking up the UK for further studies is a no-brainer. The option for one is GRE, in a year or three depending on master degree. 10 to 30% of people student population at UK universities being international students.


Are you right fit

The UK offers a diverse range of quality courses to pick from. Before that choose course will fit in with your career goals. Do own research or else advice of an education counsellor before lock down on a particular course is good as well as. Since most Indian Schools follow the British System of learning, Indian students find it easy to adapt to universities curriculums. One things to consider are the applicant qualifications preferred by universities in the UK. If you were applying for master degree, the work experience will definitely up your chances. There are many universities in UK that offer top-notch creative programmers such as dram and music, in addition green course.

How to Fund Your Course

How to fund your course

Finance are probably the most worrying pat of applying the UK universities- but there are more funding options available. Courses in the Uk are cheaper then the US. Scholarships are provided by universities and independent bodies such as Fulbright commission, for international students. The British government also offers a number of scholarships, sometimes subject-specific, to deserving candidate (www.educationuk.org). Indians companies such as Tata Group, which offers the Dorabji Tata Scholarship, give hefty scholarship’s to Indian students with a good academic record.

How to pick up right universities

How to pickup right universitiesWhile you will find more than a handful of universities that offers the major of your choice, is it important that you pick the one that most closely meets your academic and personal needs. Cost of living will differ depending on tuition, accommodation options, location of the universities (city and countryside). Ensure that your university is well ranked in your coursed of choices so that you benefit from the best faculty, curriculum and challenging peers, creating a stimulating environment for you to study in. Universities like Cambridge, LSE, Bath and Warrick top the roster in Business studies, while king’s College London, East Anglia and Sheffield have great communication & media Courses.

How to pickup right universities1

Student culture also differ from university to university. Some universities, like Warwick, have a higher ratio of international students than others. If you’re going to an educational counselor, beware of becoming prey to the push-pull of commissions. Most education counsellors get commissions from the universities soliciting students. Many of these universities may not necessarily be the best for you, but may spell cash for your counselor. It’s super important that you do your own research before you seek professional advice-that way, you can make decisions with utmost clarity.

Preparing yourself for university:

So, you got in. Now what? In the few weeks, you will find your mailboxes flooded with various forms confirming your seat in the university, fees, accommodation, registration details, and the like. After you have completed all the formalities, make sure that you don’t become a casualty of culture shock. Moving to a foreign country can be hard, especially if it’s your first time on your own. Acquaint yourself with the accent, culture, weather etc.., The food will be quite different from what you are used to, and if you can’t cook, perhaps you should learn! Some hotels and most universities have cafeterias, and since there a prominent Indian presence in England, It won’t be hard to find Indian restaurants and grocery stores.

Preairing yourself for right universities

Learning to budget will be crucial to managing your day-to-day expenses. For students, who have entered the UK with a student visa, getting a job is possible as long as you work for around 20 hours a week during term time and 40 hours a week during holidays.

You will also find stark contrasts in social etiquette. For one thing, you can forget about Indian stretchable Time, because the British are extremely particular about punctuality.

When the whirlwind of assiduous applications and the torture of awaiting acceptance are over, relax and open your mind to a wonderful, all-round experience of education and culture. Good Luck and Bon Voyage, student!.. We think you are ready!.

 What’s what

Getting there:

Air India, Jet Airways, Oman air, British Airways, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Gulf Air has daily flights to London from India.

Getting Around:

Getting yourself on Oyster card is the best way to access London’s public transport network including the bus, Tube, DLR, tram, Thames Clippers and most National Rail Services.

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