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With tourism booming worldwide, the career of a Travel Guide offers great opportunities.  Traveling to stunning local places and meeting people are the perks of this  Job.

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According to Euro monitor International, the total number of outbound travelers is set to reach 16.3 million in 2011. Tour operators and Travel Guide are preparing to take advantage of this boom in the travel market that has resulted in more job opportunities than ever in the industry. For those who have a special place in their heart for traveling along with a way of understanding a locale beyond the obvious.  A career as a travel  guide could well be the ideal way to turn your passion into a fruitful career.

Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China


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Job Profile of Travel Guide

Travelers look forward to hearing some anecdotes and a trivia about the destination, which would elude them while traveling on their own and this where role of a Travel Guide comes into play.

  • Ensuring the safety of the group.
  • Keeping the travelers together during the tour is the foremost priorities of a Travel Guide.
  • A Travel Guide job is to be a friend, philosopher and guide to the group.
  • The Travel Guide duty is to ensure that all that is promised to the travelers is delivered.
  • Also the Travel Guide  has to be an entertainer to give the group a feel of a holiday.
  • Travel Guide have to make the tourist spots aesthetically alluring, be it the ruins of an old city from another era like Rome are the imposing landscape of the Alps.
  • The Travel Guide has to uphold legacy of different places being visited and also discuss about  social customs, even local superstitions, as it is important to satisfy the curiosity of a tourist,
  • The life of aTravel Guide is perceived  to be of a person who is living out of suitcases. but the real is scenario actually different.  A Travel Guide can choose to work in phases and keep himself engaged in back end work when he/she is not on a tour

The Travel Guide Training

Travel guide

Travel guide


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While there are limited options formal training, the good news is the Travel Guide get most of the training on the job, as most of the travel agencies train their tour operators at last for two months before sending them on solo trips.

The fine tricks of the trade are learnt, by assisting senior Travel Guide observing them while they maneuver and make the trip exciting for the travelers.

A professional course in Travel Guide helps an aspirant to understand the nuances of the job and also get a real life experience before the student begins his journey as a Travel Guide.

Specialized training courses are also conducted by the tourism offices of government of India, and are held in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.

To be eligible for this course you need to have graduate degree from any stream. At the end of the course a license is given to the students.

The admission preference is given to applicants who are well-traveled, the knowledge of foreign language also helps in securing an admission.

Born Traveler

Tour guide

Tour guide


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An undying passion for travel (and life!) and the ability to think on tour feet are some of the prerequisites of this career.

A god sense of humor can liven the gathering when the commentary gets monotonous.

This helps the Travel Guide in keeping the sightseers perked up without being overbearing.

A trained voice acts as an asset, it shows in his work.

TheTravel Guide is traveling with the group for fifteen to eighteen days . Every time he interacts with the group is a “moment of truth “as the group can immediately make out if the Travel Guide is performing out of necessity or walking that extra mile to make their tour a memorable one.

Good interpersonal skills, excellent memory and crisis management skills are some of the personality traits that help a Travel Guide make a mark the industry.

What is in it for being a Travel Guide ?





Most Travel Guides are on contract and get paid on the number of tours they conduct. Other than group travel there are also meetings, incentives conferences and expositions that take place giving ample opportunity for all year work.

While there is no fixed salary, an entrant in the industry can expect to earn from 10,000 USD to 15,000 USD per year.

Many Travel Guide after a several years of experience also turn an entrepreneur and add a diverse dimension to their career.” I started my own travel agency as I wanted to offer the travelers the experience of niche vacations and that is where my years as a Travel Guider helped.

The ‘India shining’ factor with and increasing number of Indians with bigger disposable incomes has contributed towards the growth of the travel industry.

Looking at the growth in tourism and the upward trend of outbound travel from India, the prospect of growth for tour manager is excellent

An opportunity to see the world without spending a penny, rise in status due to it and opportunity to also work in the office perks which makes the career of Travel Guide one of the lucrative line of study in the tourism industry.

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