Well! If u think Brazil is the Mecca for football enthusiast only, then one needs to give it a second thought, as this place has got much more to give on the tourism front as well. People have to admit that Salvador in Brazil tops on the list when it come to touring abroad. With many fine attractions and events to choose from, a visit to the awesome place is simply irresistible. No wonder, why it is considered to be one of the most popular and desired tourist attractions on the planet.


  Salvador is positioned on the northeast coast of Brazil on the Atlantic Ocean and is the third largest city in Brazil. Salvador was established in 1549, is the capital in the zenith of the slave trade. The legacy still lingers today in its large black population, and the resulting culture in many ways surpasses the rest of Brazil.

  Portuguese is the primary language in Salvador, yet English and Spanish are spoken fluently by most of the natives. Though visitors managed to learn tits and bits of both Portuguese and Spanish, which in visitors their self was a lot of fun, but they still preferred to communicate in English to avoid any kind of miscommunication.


  No wonder, why it is considered to be one of the most popular and desired tourist attractions on the planet. Being a foodie by nature, any place with delicious cuisines earns a few extra brownie. Needless to mention Salvador scores really high on that, as the cuisine here consists of delectable spicy sea-food that can persist on one’s mind for a life time. Carnival is one of the main enticements of the city. The Carnival happens at the beginning of the year and consists of parades, entertainment, music, dances and vendors. This colorful event is something one cannot afford o miss while visiting the city, one can look forward to have a lot of amusement here, if opted for a vocation in Salvador during the carnival time.

  Visiting the Salvador beach is a highlight for many tourists. One of he main central Salvador beaches is Porto de Barr.Flamengo and Stella Maris are the most popular beaches among tourists in Salvador. Salvador seemed as if all e tourist desirability of the place were tailor-made the visitors to preferences and interests.


  Salvador also has much other magnetism that tourists will find delightful. These include golf course, museums and even an old 17th century fort. Salvador also very famous for shopping, where one can shop to his or her heart’s content. At the center of the Cidade Alta there are the two large squares Praca da Se and the Terrerio de Jesus which are connected at the corner by the cathedral. Then there is the Museu Afro-Brasileiro a museum that speaks about the history of the slave trade in Salvador and there after the subsequent development of the city. Largo do pelourinho a fairly small triangular plaza, is among the oldest parts of the town and one of the most significant glamour of the Salvador.

  Igreja do Nosso Senhor do Bonfim a small church located in a neighborhood to the north, is one of the popular pilgrimage sites in all of Brazil. The colorful votive ribbons or fitas of Bonfim are an easily recognizable item throughout Brazil and even beyond. Solar do Unhao is the best place in Salvador to watch the sunset.

  Tourists are welcomed with the open and friendly arms. The warmth and liveliness of the native largely adds to its grandeur and glory of the environment.



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