San Andres has Dutch, Spanish, English and African influences – a truly multicultural island!

Caribbean Island

San Andres

San Andres has more in that serene vastness. San Andres is the best place on the Caribbean. San Andres is a duty-free port welcoming visitors to its lushly green landscape, isolated cays and almost private beaches. Most of the attractions of the islands come from nature and its history. San Andres offers a varied cultural experience, from the cuisine of the islands to the languages spoken. Spanish is the official language but people also speak English to the background of salsa and reggae.

Indeed Paradise

San Andres

San Andres is 700 km from the Colombian mainland, a miniature paradise with influences from England and Spain, pirates and corsairs, blended into a rich culture which moves to the beat of reggae. Perfect beaches, excellent water-sports, diving and ecotourism. The beach is perfect for walking too – you can go all round the island. In some places there are exotic coral formations with pools that reflect and merge with the deep, blue of the sky.

The Hill

San Andres

San Andres is best appreciated outside of the downtown hubbub. A 30km scenic paved road circles the island, and several minor roads cross inland. There are two other small towns: La Loma  in the central hilly region and San Luis on the eastern coast, both far less tourist-oriented than San Andres Town and boasting some fine English-Caribbean wooden architecture. Excellent scuba-diving and snorkeling opportunities abound all around the island – visibility and temperature here are nearly unrivaled in the Caribbean.

Attractions of Nature

San Andres

Coral Cay full of palms, with a lot of visitors and natives that practice water sports, you can make delicious BBQ, camping and simply spend quality relaxation time, it has restaurants that offer delicious food from the island. They are two rock keys with little vegetation, situated between Manzanillo and Crab Cay. In their surroundings you can  find a big habitat for birds and gulls.



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