The Rajgad fort is 42 km to the south west of Pune, in the Sahyadris  range. Rajgad means King of forts, one of the forts of Maharashtra  state. The fort is located in the Rajgad district, which is approximately 4250 feet above sea level.  This Fort presents very terrifying look and it is very difficult to get into the fort through the rocky path. Rajgad ropeway makes the ascent to the fort very easy. 

The fort can be divided into four different sections based on geographical terrain and fortification; namely – the Padmavati Machee, the Sanjivani Machee, and the Suvela Machee and the central part is called Ballekilla.  The most sensational site on Rajgad Fort is the Balekilla, from where one can see the unconvincing views of the enchanting Sahyadris. Though in a decayed state, this glorious fort stands as a remnant of its past glory. With an irregular wedge-shaped mass of rock, Rajgad fort is inaccessible from three sides. A massive fort, nested on a steep vertical rock face, appears defiant and unconquerable. To the north of Rajgad is Sinhagad fort. To its west lie Torna Fort & the pinnacle fort Lingana. To the east of this fort are the twin forts of Purandar and Vajragad. To the south are Kenjalgad and Raireshwar. This fort is an important site for trekkers and adventurous tourists.



Rajgad Fort, Maharashtra

Rajgad Fort, Maharashtra


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Tourist Spots around Rajgad Fort

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The Fort Rajgad which nestles in the Sahyadris is surrounded by other picturesque places of tourist interest. These spots share the resplendent beauty of the Western Ghats with their sheer rock faces and magnificent waterfalls and even scenic beaches. Mahabaleshwar is the famous hill station of Maharashtra-Western Ghats. It is situated only 75 Km. away. Harihareshwar is the place of pilgrimage. Famous temple of Lord Shiva located on the seashore is built by the great Peshwas. The beach is simply superb. Ganpatipule is the ancient temple of Lord Ganesh on a beautiful beach. Shivthar Ghal, Sacred abode of Swami Ramdas, the Guru of Maharaja Shivaji. Ashram is located near a grand waterfall. Gandharpale is the caves of Buddhist period are located near Mahad, close to Fort Rajgad.


Rajgad Fort, Maharashtra


How to Reach Rajgad Fort:


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Air: Pune is the nearest airport. Further journey may be performed by road.

Rail: Pune is the nearest railway station. Further journey may be performed by road. 

Road:  From Pune: Via Mangaon Road Mumbai-Goa Highway – Mahad – Rajgad. Distance from Pune to Rajgad is approx.150 Km. from Mumbai: Mumbai to Panvel by Goa highway towards Goa up to Mahad-Rajgad. Distance from Mumbai to Rajgad is approx 140 Km.  

There are approximately 1400 steps leading to the fort, though today a rope-way exists to reach the top of the fort.

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