Harihareshwar Beach am situated in the very city of Harihareshwar district of Maharashtra. I am surrounded by my four guards’ namely Harihareshwar, Brahmadri, Harshanical and Puspadri. I am not only famous for the lush green hills, but also for its traditional values and culture. The famous temple of Harihareshwar is not too far from my boundaries; in fact, I was named after this very temple. According to a local saying the lord Shiva, blessed saint Harihareshwar towards the northern region. I am not only considered as a pilgrimage center but also as the perfect getaway for the tourist because of my beaches.

Harihareshwar Beach

Nestled at the southern most end of Raigad district on the Konkan coast on the banks of Savitri river, it is a secluded region with two beaches on either sides of the Harihareshwar temple. The beach at Harihareshwar typical of the beaches in this region has a thin layer of white sand covering the underlying fine black sand. Water sports also is now available at the Harihareshwar beach.


The Maharashtra tourism development corporation has joined hands with the nature to provide the tourists with the best possible services in this scenic beauty. I along with Shrivardhan and Diveagar beach are considered as good destination, suitable to relax from the busy life, to spend creative time with the family and to get involve romantically with your companions. The peaceful environment of the surrounding is just suitable for the purposes. The visitors could also gain the facilities that are namely the sun bath, sand bath, facial and ayurvedic treatment. The Kalbhairavi Jayanti utsav is also one of the most important things one should visit for.

Harihareshwar Temple


Harihareshwar temple, the main attraction of Hari hareshwar apart from the Harihareshwar beach, from a tourist perspective, is quite a simple structure with traditional tiled roofing. There is a small garden on the left as one enters the temple complex. This temple complex opens up to a long stretch of beach to its north where the shorter ‘pradakshina marg’ culminates.

History of Harihareshwar


Harihareshwar temple with the main dieties as Brahma Vishnu and Shiva is believed to be from the 16th century. Kuladaivat or the family deity of the Peshwas, this temple complex was renovated by them in 1723. The steps of the pradakshina marg around the temple was built by Chandrarao More.

Harihareshwar Beach, welcome tourists from distant places to enjoy the culture, and relax beneath the god’s most amusing creation. I could at least assure everyone that he or she will have to pack loads of sweet memory of me while leaving. One can spend exceptional life beneath the shade of the nature.

Kalbhairav Temple


The Kalbhairav temple is an ancient pilgrim temple visited by the devotees of lord Shiva. This temple is popularly known as Shiva temple.The idols of lord Shiva…

Water-sports in Harihareshwar

Harihareshwar and Kondivli beach are the 2 main beaches offering water-sports for the visitors. The water-sports like paragliding and water surfing are offered affordable to the pockets.


Distance From Varies Cities

  • Pune to Harihareshwar   :  170
  • Mumbai to Hari’shwar     :  200
  • Kol’pur to Hari’shwar       :  350
  • Nagpur to Hari’shwar       :  1000
  • Hy’bad to Hari’shwar        :  700
  • B’lore to Harihareshwar   :  950
  • Ah’bad to Hari’shwar        :  725






Located in the Raigad district, Harihareshwar is a town surrounded by four hills Bramhadri, Pushpadri, Harshinachal and Harihareshwar. River Savitri also merges in the Arabian Sea at Harihareshwar. With its gentle wind, soft sand and inviting water, Harihareshwar beach can truly be an irresistible attraction for beach lovers. Actually Harihareshwar has two beaches and place is quickly coming up as a popular beach destination in Maharashtra. It can be easily reached from anywhere in Maharashtra by road and also by rail while the Mumbai International airport is its nearest.

Harihareshwar Beach By Road

Harihareshwar is at a distance of 210 km and 190 km from Mumbai and Pune respectively and can be easily reached by road from both the cities. In order to travel by road drive through Mumbai to Harihareshwar route that is 230km via Mumbai-Panvel -Mangaon-Goregaon Phat on Bombay-Goa highway.

The Mumbai – Pen – Kolad – Mangao – Morba – Harihareshwar route is the best route to reach Harihareshwar but for traveling from Pune the best route is Pune- Mulshi – Tamhini Ghats – Mangao – Morba – Harihareshwar.

Harihareshwar Beach By Rail

Mangaon on the Konkan railway is the nearest railway station from Harihareshwar and located at a distance of 59km. trains from a number of major cities like Mumbai, Madgaon, Ernakulam, Bikaner and also Thiruvananthapuram halt at Mangaon and from Mangaon both buses and taxis are available to easily reach Harihareshwar.

Harihareshwar Beach By Air

Mumbai International Airport at a distance of 210 km is the nearest international airport. Domestic flyers can also reach Pune by air and then travel to Harihareshwar by road. From Pune tourists can take the route via Chandni Chowk through Tamahini ghats or they can also travel through Bhor ghat and Mahad to reach Harihareshwar.


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