Piha Beach is the first one, which will come to our mind when we think about the beaches in Auckland, New Zealand. Everyone who visits the city of Auckland should visit the Piha beach.


Piha beach is famous for its black sand and the voice of nature around it. It is a coastal line on the west coast of Auckland. It is about 40 kilometers from the city of Auckland. One of the most popular beaches in New Zealand for Surfing. The Whites Beach and the Mercer Bay are situated to the north and south of Piha.

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Lion Rock:

Lion Rock is a mountain, which divides the north and south Piha beaches. It is so called because of the mountain’s similarity to a male lion. It is situated in the middle of Piha beach. It is visible to anyone who walks through the road.


It is a symbol for the west coast of Auckland. Also a memorial to the saw millers who worked in the First World War. On the southern side at the front, there is a sharp, pinncale shaped rock that was historically known as Victoria Rock as it looks like Queen Victoria in profile. The rock offers the people to climb and view the spectacular scenario of the sea.Lion Rock is known as Te Piha, the current name of the piha beach. There are few people die or seriously injure themselves in falls from lion rock. So be very careful if you planned to climb the rock.


The other main reason people choosing Piha beach are for its weather. Don’t forget to spend time in seashore before start playing in the water.

Local people come here every week to spend the time at the seashore because of its lovable climate. Get the current weather in Piha.

Safety Information:

piha rescue show page

Lifeguards wears red and yellow uniforms. They usually carry a rescue tube to rescue someone in an emergency situation. These days flags on the beach looks like the one given below and it will tell where it is same to swim.

We can’t predict the waves of Piha so avoid swimming or surfing in the absence of patrols on the beach if you are not well on that activity.

Things to enjoy:

There are many things you can enjoy when you are spending time on the Piha beach. Some of them are follows,

  • 1. Swimming

  • 2. Waitakere  Ranges

  • 3. Surfing

  • 4. Snapshots


Piha is a wonderful beach and has great waves to learn surfing. It is one of the safest beaches for learning surfing.There are many surf schools are available near the Piha beach. Local residents from Piha and also from Auckland visit the beach frequently to enjoy the surfing on the beach.

They will guide you better because they know about the waves and currents which are coming from the Piha beach. Click here  for more information about surf schools in Piha.


Waitakere Ranges:

Waitakere Ranges near Piha beach is famous for its natural resources. It will take just 20 minutes from Piha beach. You can enjoy the Rainforest in the ranges and it is more than 15,000 hectares. You can walk through the rain forest to see the beautiful flora and fauna of the forest and stop for a spot of bird watching. Get more information about Waitakere Ranges by Clicking here.


Next to Surfing, Swimming is the other best way you can enjoy in Piha. People always enjoy the waves by swimming and take a small walk after swimming along the sea shore.

As I mentioned earlier, don’t go for swimming in the absence of beach patrols or you are not confident about your swimming because you can’t predict the waves and currents of the sea in the Piha.


Tourists who come to Piha won’t forget to take cameras with them because of its sound nature. You can take snapshots of flora and fauna and the mesmerizing beauty of the beach. It is a good place for the people who loves photography.

Kitekite Falls:

The kitekite waterfall is one of the most famous waterfalls near the Piha beach and is in the Waitakere Ranges. The water from the mountain falls by six steps into the pool like lake at the bottom of the waterfalls.

The route to take the waterfalls is by the Kauri stump. You can take the right hand side if you are walking upstream and left hand side if you are walking downstream. The track will take you through the rainforest where you can enjoy the beauty of nature.



You can find all classes of hotels, which will best suits for you and your family near the Piha beach.

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How to Reach:

By air:

You can reach Piha beach through the Auckland International Airport and the Auckland Domestic Airport. The beach is just 40 kilometers away from the airport. You can take road transports to reach the piha beach from Airport.

By Bus:

The Piha Surf Shuttle operates a door-to-door service to both the Auckland City and the Auckland International or Domestic Airport.
1. Auckland City to Piha: $40 per person, one way.
2. Auckland International Airport to Piha: $70 for the first person and $10 for each extra person

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