Tour of Miami’s Best Art, No longer islands of isolated culture, South Florida’s bastions of art are burgeoning, and increasingly interrelated. Ocean Drive connects the dots, from Palm Beach to downtown Miami.

Views of Miami


Most of Florida seems “just off the highway.” This holds especially true for our area’s now booming art scene. The 67-mile stretch of US-1 from West Palm Beach to downtown Miami takes you from the art world’s first foothold nearly three quarters of a century ago, past landmarks both new and forgotten, neighborhoods dicey and chic, to the hanging gardens of the new Pérez Art Museum Miami. It’s an ever-connected archipelago of art, and our journey starts, both geographically and historically, in the north.

Arts and Museum of Miami


The Norton  has outstanding local private collectors to turn to when putting together its impressive displays. From the Norton, take a brief detour across the Intracoastal to the Sarah Gavlak Gallery (249B Worth Ave., Palm Beach, 561-833-0583). Gavlak, a curator and writer, opened her gallery in 2005 with a prescient show of Wade Guyton, establishing her space as the gallery in Palm Beach. The unique program features a blend of Hollywood, New York, and South Florida in which pinups by Bunny Yeager share walls with the scuffed glitz of Jack Pierson.

Enjoy the Seashore


From Gavlak, head south 10 miles until Lake Worth, not quite yet Boca, but just far enough away from Palm Beach for a change of scenery. Although home to a slew of restaurants boasting cheap shots of Fireball, on the corner of South L Street stands an old Deco movie theater with a fluted façade.  Clearwater’s new home, the Nova Southeastern University Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale (1 E. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale;, opened in 1986 in an 83,000-square-foot building by Edward Larrabee Barnes. Until the mid-’80s, Fort Lauderdale was known mainly as a spring break destination, the place “Where the Boys Are,” as the 1960 coming-of-age film had it. But that began to change with the opening of the museum. Now there’s much more to do than chug, chug, chug.

Creation of Arts


More than the collection and the resources, Fort Lauderdale represents a hub, a gyre connecting the art scene of Miami-Dade to that of Palm Beach County.  Miami. Today, seven large museums of all different contexts, from the histories of the Wolfsonian to the curated exhibits of the Bass museum.Miami is a place where history collects around the storm drains—many are tempted to divide art time into Before Art Basel and After Art Basel.  “Cultural institutions, by their very nature, resonate here because so many people who visit or relocate here enjoy the kind of rapid change and frequent refreshment of ideas and experiential offerings that a town like this one promises.”

Discover of Beach and Art


Carlos and Rosa de la Cruz have been instrumental in preserving the legacy of Felix Gonzalez-Torres, the deceased artist whose heart-baring art draws in viewers with free candy and takeaway souvenirs. Don and Mera Rubell’s  space, an old DEA warehouse in Wynwood, houses a rotating assortment of art, but certain pieces remain: Jason Rhoades’s Technicolor orgyscape, for instance, or Cady Noland’s This Piece Has No Title Yet, which is, simply put, a room filled with cans of Budweiser. Then there is Martin Z. Margulies, whose $700 million collection includes Willem de Kooning and Jasper Johns. These collections schedule programming, host interns, commission projects, even, in the case of the de la Cruz collection, take groups of high school students on European trips.



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