Establishing the Arts of Red Sea Monasteries  and the culture of people in the desert makes a beautiful view for the visitors.

There are several aspects of tourism in Egypt, including the nature of religious tourism, which includes visiting sites of connotations or religious significance in the three religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. There are several places has significance of Islamic Egypt such as mosque of Imam Hussein in Cairo, the grandson of the Prophet, where there is a tomb includes his head, in addition to historic mosques such as the Mosque of Ibn Tulun and Al-Azhar mosque and the walls of historic Cairo and the Citadel of Saladin. There are sites of religious significance Christian church of St. Sergius, which resorted to the Holy Family during the resort to Egypt and the Hanging Church and St. Catherine’s Monastery and the Monastery of St. Anthony, founder of monasticism and Deir Anba Paula in the Red Sea.

Red sea

St. Paul Monastery

Red sea

St.Paul Monastery is one of the oldest Egyptian monasteries where established in the late fourth century AD and the beginning of the fifth century, It is located west of a Al qlalh high mountains and surrounded by high hills, a spot that says Hebrews crossed them with Moses – to the Red Sea when they came out of the land of Egypt. The monastery is widely celebrated as one of the oldest Christian monasteries in Egypt and it is a precious inheritance for the Coptic faithful, who identify the Cave Church of St. Paul as the saint’s hermitage and the place where St. Anthony buried him. The monastery of St. Anthony is only twenty-five kilometers away to the northwest, but separated from St. Paul’s monastery by the South Galala Plateau of Red sea.

St. Anthony Monastery

Red sea


Although the monastery of St. Anthony enjoyed relative peace and security in its remote area, there were short periods of intense persecution. The monastery itself was plundered a number of times by the Bedouins of the Eastern Desert, who partly destroyed it in the 11th century. There was also a rebellion by the Kurds and the Turks during this time. When their leader Nasir ad-Daula was defeated, the remains of his army invaded and pillaged the Monastery of St. Anthony as well as the nearby Monastery of St. Paul in Red sea. The monastery was restored in the 12th century, and it flourished throughout the next few centuries. A fortress-like structure was also built around the monastery for protection from invaders. Abu Salih the Armenian describes the unparalleled excellence of the monastery in the beginning of the 13th century .“This monastery possesses many endowments and possessions at Misr. It is surrounded by a fortified wall. It contains many monks.

Modern history of Red Sea

Red sea

The modern monastery has three different churches. That of Saint Paul the Anchorite, built underground, was originally dug into the cave where the saint lived and where his remains are kept. The two other churches are named after Saint Mercurius and Archangel Michael. The monastery is surrounded by high walls, built during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It also has a tower (keep), an ancient refectory, a mill, and a spring that is believed to have served Saint Paul the Anchorite during his eighty years of seclusion in this area. A second spring, known as the Pool of Mary is named after Mary, the sister of Moses, who is believed to have washed her feet there during the Exodus.



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