Main Sights

  • Alcazaba

  • Cathedral

  • Historical Garden

  • Center Pompidou

  • Museo Picasso Malaga

  • CAC Malaga

Alcazaba :

Like many of the military fortifications that were constructed in Islamic Spain, the Alcazaba of Malaga featured a quadrangular plan. It was protected by an outer and inner wall, both supported by rectangular towers, between which a covered walkway led up the slope to the Gibralfaro (this was the only exchange between the two sites). Due to its rough and awkward hillside topography, corridors throughout the site provided a means of communications for administrative and defensive operations, also affording privacy to the palatial residential quarters

Cathedral :

The Cathedral and the Episcopa l Palacewere planned with Renaissance architectural ideals but there was a shortfall of building funds and they were finished in Baroque style.

 Historical Garden :

La Concepción, botanical and historical garden

 Center Pompidou :

Centre Pompidou Malaga. opened in 2015, a branch of the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, located in El Cubo, a cuboid glass structure in Malaga port.

Museo Picasso Malaga :

Museo Picasso Malaga, opened in 2003, at the Palacio de los Condes de Buenavista, near the Cathedral.

 CAC Malaga :

Centro de Arte Contemporaneo de Malaga (CAC Malaga), opened 2003, free admission, right behind the Alameda train station in an area known as Soho de Malaga. The most visited museum in Andalusia.


The number of resident foreign nationals has risen significantly in Malaga since the 1970s, especially of British and German citizens who move for the pleasant climate. The majority of foreigners live near the coastline.


Airport :

The city is served by Malaga Costa Del Sol Airport, one of the first in Spain and the oldest still in operation. In 2008, it handled 12,813,472 passengers, making it the fourth-busiest in Spain. It is the international airport of Andalusia, accounting for 85 percent of its international traffic. The airport, connected to the Costa del Sol, has a daily link with twenty cities in Spain and over a hundred cities in Europe (mainly in United Kingdom, Central Europe and the Nordic countries but also the main cities of Eastern Europe: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Budapest, Sofia, Warsaw or Bucharest), North Africa, Middle East (Riyadh, Jeddah and Kuwait) and North America (New York City, Toronto and Montreal).



seaport ;

The Port of Malaga is the city’s seaport, operating continuously at least since 600 BC. The port is one of the busiest ports on the Mediterranean Sea, with a trade volume of over 428,623 TEU and 642,529 passenger in 2008

Road and highways ;

The A45 road leads north to Antequera and Cordoba. The Autovia A-7 parallels the N-340 road, both leading to Cadiz to the west through the Costa del Sol Occidental and Barcelona to the east through the Costa del Sol Oriental.

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