1. Understanding the History for Jharkhand

At the end of 19th century Jamshedji Nusserwanji Tata met steel makers in Pittsburgh to get the most advanced technology for his plant. It is said that he got the idea of building a steel plant when he heard Thomas Carlyle declaring that “the nation which gains control of iron soon acquires the control of gold” in a lecture in Manchester.One day they came across a village called Sakchi, on the densely forested stretches of the Chota Nagpur plateau, near the confluence of the Subarnarekha and Kharkai rivers. It seemed to be the ideal choice and the place was selected.

It was a momentous day in the history of industrial India.

Jamshedji’s plan for the city was clear. “Be sure” that there is plenty of space for lawns and gardens; reserve large areas for football, hockey and parks; earmark areas for Hindu temples, Mohammedan mosques and Christian churches for Jharkhand.”

 Jamshedpur is the only million plus city in India without a municipal corporation.

2. Study the Jharkhand Map




3. Enjoy the View of Many Water Falls near Netarhat

Netarhat Lodh Water Falls

Netarhat Lodh Water Falls

This is a place where your heart dons wings….as a bird set free from the urban dungeons, it soars over hills and vales, tapping the rhythm of the wild hilly rivulets. It leaps way ahead of your head transporting you along on its flights of fancy. Needless to say, the Netarhat Plateau on the upper hills of Chotanagpur was, “Near to the Heart” of the erstwhile British soldiers too, that reminded them of their Scottish moors back home. Dense forests, serpentine roads, cool bracing breeze, moonlit nights may have probably prevailed upon the English to christen the place as Nature’s Heart or Netarhat. However, some argue that the place has been named after ‘Netur Haat which means a marketplace for bamboo in the local language. Located at about 3622 feet high in Lather district about 156 kms West of Ranchi, it was once the summer retreat of the British Governor. Satpura range from Central India, meets the Chotanagpur plateau on the eastern side, at Netarhat is also the home of various primitive tribes, who had been residing in its hills for generations, in close harmony with nature in Jharkhand.

Water Falls of Jharkhand

Netarhat has several places of tourist interests including Magnolia Point ideal site for viewing the sunset, Upper Ghaghri Water Falls , Lower Ghaghri Water Falls, Koel View Point , Lodh Water Falls which is located 60 km from Netarhat and it is the highest waterfall in Jharkhand, Sadni Water Falls

4. Do not miss the Sunrise Point  near Netarhat,  Jharkhand

While in Netarhat, if you want to enjoy the most spectacular view of the rising sun, it has to be the sunrise point in front of the tourist bungalow for Jharkhand, Hotel Prabhat Vihar.

It is located at a distance of half kilometer to one km from the Netarhat bus stand. As you wait in anticipation for that memorable rendezvous with the sun, you suddenly observe the hills and trees appearing as dark silhouettes against the clearing horizon. And lo and behold!  the nature around you is gradually steeped in a reddish hue…….then as you watch spellbound the passing shades of vibrant scarlet and orange……from behind the hills in front the crimson ball suddenly appears in its full flamboyance and glory to greet you. Even the moonrise seen on full moon nights from here is a long cherished experience.

On reaching Netarhat, take the road from the bus stand leading to the tourist bungalow-Hotel Prabhat Vihar.

Plan your vacation and book your Hotel at Ranchi ,  which is Capital of  Jharkhand Apprx 130 Km from Netarhat


  5. Know how Mangolia Point got its name ?

Mangolia Point in Batua Tola, in reminiscent of a poignant love story. Located about 9 kms – 10 kms away from Netarhat bus stand, the place derives its name from Magnolia, a young British girl, who was in love with a tribal shepherd boy.  He  mesmerized her with the strains of his flute.   According to a granite plaque at the site, Magnolia’s love for the poor shepherd boy soon became the butt of ridicule in her English community residing there during the British regime.  When she realized that her love would remain unfulfilled, a forlorn Magnolia chose to end her life by plunging into the valley with her horse at Jharkhand.

Mangolia Point SunSet

And, it is also from here that you can watch the sun bidding adieu to the world in its dazzling splendor.  The entire landscape take on a surreal saffron hue as the clouds reflect the fading sun’s red and orange glow.  The waters of Bhuragagh, Bohta and Aadhe sparkle in the last few rays of the sun accompanied by the chirping of birds in varied notes, as the ball of fire slowly slides down to disappear behind the hills for Jharkhand. A pathway lined with pine, bamboo and sakhua leads you to the point in Jharkhand.

Just below the site in the midst of the forests are villages of the primitive tribes from the Birjia and Birhor community. Observing their lifestyle in close communion with nature can be truly fascinating. From October – February camp fires are organized at the site where the local tribals entertain you with their cultural shows

Hired vehicles from the bus stand or Prabhat Vihar take you to the site.

6. Do not miss the Koel View Point of River Koel

 Once in Netarhat, it is hard to resist the charm of the River Koel for Jharkhand. It is at about 2 kms from the bus-stand in between the jungles of chir-pines reach you to the Koel View Point. The river flows about 10 kms below the site. Originating from a local hilly village Tutua paani, the sun kissed waters share the spectacle of dawn and twilight, reflecting the myriad hues of the rising and setting sun. From deep crimson to fiery orange, or just the lilac and azure of a cloudless sky, the clear waters of the river mirror the passing moods of a nature at its scintillating best. Do not forget to watch the river during moonlit nights as well, when the water seems to get transformed into a silvery stream in Jharkhand. Located on the banks of the river are clusters of small villages as Saarna Toli, Chaatam Jori resided by the primitive tribes that compel you to scribble some brisk notes or go for random shots with your camera, capturing their interesting ways of life.

You can also hire vehicles from the bus-stand to reach the site.

River Koel Jharkhand

River Koel Jharkhand

7. Drench in Upper Ghaghri  Water Fall – Netarhat ,  Jharkhand

“Ghaghri” or “Ghagh”  in local rural parlance means water falls in Jharkhand. Here, the water of the overflowing dam makes a splash within a low valley, resulting into small water fall for Jharkhand. The waterfalls from between the Gaaritaam and Ghagri hills on either sides. One may thus also enjoy trekking along the water spring. In the days of erstwhile British Raj  and days of Zamindari. The site was locally called “Bhainsborwa” where buffaloes from large farm houses enjoyed bath in summer. The tall trees of Chir pine and Sakhua add to the lush greenery.  Not too far away are the famous nashpati orchards that stretch for acres.  Watching the stooping boughs heavily laden with fruits in the months of June-July are sights to behold. The much in demand Nakh Nashpati are also cultivated here.  To add to them, guavas too extensively grown in these orchards.  The fruits are sent as far as the West – Bengal.

You can reach the site on hired vehicles from the bus-stand.

Plan and Enjoy  your vacation at Netarhat ,  Jharkhand