Tahiti – island names that evoke a wonderful state of mind, seducing honeymooners, romantics, adventurers, and vacationer looking for escape.

Attractions of  Tahiti


The world-renowned iridescent luster of Mother Nature’s most perfect gem can only be created in Tahiti warm lagoon waters. In many of the overwater bungalows, tropical fish swim below as you look through the glass floor or coffee table. With all the amenities of a first-class hotel room, here on your private balcony surrounded only by water and sky, you can enjoy both breakfast, often delivered by canoe,  and the sunset, seemingly delivered by the heavens. Each of the many islands of Tahiti is a tiny paradise. Some isles are crowned with jagged peaks soaring magically out of the ocean in an explosion of green velvet while others appear as if gracefully tossed upon the ocean – barely floating above the breaking waves.

Adventure Activities


After a short trip into the lagoon by powered outrigger canoe or powerboat, you’ll float or stand in four to seven feet of clear water behind a secure rope as the docile sharks are hand-fed by an experienced guide. World-class snorkeling and diving in Tahiti is one of the South Pacific’s best-kept secrets. Both experienced and beginner divers and snorkelers are amazed by how clear the waters are and how close they can swim to the marine life, such as the gigantic manta rays.

The Dream


Tahiti: just the word conjures up centuries’ worth of images: hibiscus flowers; svelte, bronzed dancers in grass skirts; a humid breeze over turquoise sea. The islands of French Polynesia became legends the minute the first European explorers reached their home shores with tales of a heaven on earth where the soil was fertile, life was simple, and sex was plentiful and guilt-free. While the lingering hype is outdated, French Polynesia is still about as dreamy as reality gets. The trees are still heavy with fruit, the mountains rise as majestically as ever and the lagoons are just as blue.

Lagoon Spectacular


While there are plenty of slim stretches of white-, pink- and black-sand beaches in French Polynesia, they are just pretty springboards into the real draw: the lagoons. Most high islands are surrounded by fringing reef that creates a protected swimming pool of the most intense hue of aqua imaginable. Coral atolls have this same calibre of lagoon minus the big clunky island in the middle. Fish, dolphins, rays, sharks, turtles and more inhabit these clear-water coral gardens that are as excellent for snorkelling as they are for diving and swimming. Surfers ride glassy wave faces at reef passes while kitesurfers and windsurfers fly across the water terrain with the trade winds.



Jet Airways, Emirates,Air India, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Air New Zealand,  Etihad and  British Airways are has flights to Tahiti from all metropolitan cities in India and other countries.


Vanira Lodge, Royal Tahitien , Le Relais de la Maroto , Punatea Village , Villa Mitirapa ,Hotel Tiare Tahiti , Reva Teahupoo,  Fare Arearea and  Manava Suite Resort Tahiti are the hotels which resides near to the  Faaa  Airport. Taxi services are available there. Use the search window to Book your accommodation.



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