Madagascar is one of the six countries in the world which retain the greatest part of the world’s genetic reserves in their rain forests.

Seashore paradise


Explore a whole new universe off the Malagasy shores: set sails towards an untouched environment, the beauty of which has been  preserved from excessive tourism. Enjoy the sandy beaches and turquoise water, take a moment to inhale the fresh air of the sea and discover the unexpected around the islands. Malagasy waters are among the finest diving spots on the planet. An endless array of colorful fish with exotic names continuously weaves their underwater ballet, in a landscape of shells and corals with indescribable shapes. Diving centers open all year-long. However, the best period for diving is from April to mid-January. All these aspects make the island the perfect destination for discovery and relaxation.

Travel  on Nature


Madagascar is endowed with an extraordinary fauna and flora. With its unique biodiversity and its ancestral knowledge, the country is a real sanctuary for botanists and pharmacologists. Indian Ocean has become a sanctuary for whales. Malagasy humpback whales come from Antartica where they spend all summer gorging on krill.  In some regions of Madagascar, people believe it has magical powers and can see the future. This is why it is often feared…

Diving and Sailing


You don’t have to be a professional diver to be carried away by this ecosystem which counts as one of the richest in the world! Here in Nosy Be, the seabed offers a special display, as if all the wonders of this earth had decided to meet here. The observation of marine animals is regulated by the seasons: during the austral winter, one can spot large sea mammals such as the humpback whales… Essentially concentrated in the Northwestern part of the Island, sailing calls for the discovery of unexpected places. The mainland protects the coast from large waves and sails will be fueled by thermal winds. Operators are professionals who know their region like the back of their boats.

Adventures of Island


Access to the sites often requires great expeditions involving long hikes, and journeys through forests. In Isalo, canyoning is practiced only during the rainy season and only outside the park’s boundaries. Hikes are very popular; depending on your experience and the time you can allocate for it, you can choose between several trails, usually in national parks, which account for the majority of the eco-tourism features of Madagascar. The Massif of Tsaranoro in Andringitra has confirmed its place as a top climbing spot in the southern hemisphere. Many articles have been written in the international press about this site and its large collection of cliffs, which display different levels of difficulty, and where the quality of the granitic rock is exceptional.



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