Magnificent Bridges: Hörn Bridge – Germany

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Magnificent Bridges: Hörn Bridge –  Germany

The Hörn Bridge (German: Hörnbrücke) is a folding bridge in the city of Kiel in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. The bridge spans the end of the Kiel Fjord (called Hörn) and was designed by Gerkan, Marg and Partners.

              ” Hörn Bridge is a three-segment bascule bridge over the inner end of the Kiel Fjord (called Hörn) in the port of the German city of Kiel in Schleswig-Holstein. The bridge is a 25.5-meter-long, 5-meter-wide steel structure”.

Design and construction : Hörn Bridge

The Hörn Bridge is a three-segment bascule bridge with a main span of 25.5 metres (84 ft) that folds in the shape of the letter “N”. The bridge was built in 1997 and did cost DM 16 million.


Many Kielians were skeptical in regard to the design. There were repeated malfunctions of the mechanism upon startup, hence one of its nicknames, the “Klappt-Nix-Brücke” (Folds-not Bridge) – Hörn Bridge. In order to ensure crossing for pedestrians and cyclists, a hydraulically operated retractable bridge was built directly adjacent as an interim solution and is still used during repair and maintenance of the folding bridge. The Hörn Bridge is now accepted as a technical masterpiece and has become a tourist attraction.



The Hörn Bridge is 5 metres (16 ft) wide and connects the city centre on the west bank of the Hörn Bridge with the Gaarden quarter on the east bank. The pedestrian Hörn Bridge is especially important for passengers connecting between the Norway Ferry Terminal (Norwegenkai) and the main railway station. Usually the bridge opens once every hour in order to allow small- and medium-sized ships to travel in and out of the Hörn. The bridge offers one of the best panoramic views of the city of Kiel. It is also at the beginning and terminating point of a scenic route: the tourist route from Bremervörde to the Kieler Förde connects approximately 50 different ferries, bridges, ship locks, tidal barriers and maritime museums and its landmarks of the Rendsburg and Osten transporter bridges.

Location Kiel, Germany
Owner Landeshauptstadt Kiel
Completed 1997
Scope of our work conceptual design, construction design, site supervision
Architect gmp – Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner

This Hörn Bridge is frequently used on the way from the main train station to cross the inner harbour at the southern end of Kiel Fjord. A new folding mechanism, developed deliberately without any hidden dynamics, enables ships to pass through. The sea jetty made of girder grids with rolled steel profiles reflects the industrial surrounding with ships and cranes. At the points marking its thirds, the folding part of the deck is subdivided by hinges. The deck is borne on both sides by two cables that are deviated via two mast portals and are anchored in the foundation of the jetty. One mast portal is connected rigidly with the deck, both portals have hinged joints at their bases. In this way, not only does an eye-catching movement unfold, but the surface area exposed to wind is also reduced. In all positions and under all loads the cable system is statically determinate. With a view to a sustained and robust operation the Hörn Bridge features the simplest possible drive system.


  • Total length of bridge: 105 m
  • Main span: 26 m (total length of the three folding segments)
  • Deck width: 5 m
  • Weight of folding part: 54 t
  • Covering: broad oak planks
  • Movements per day: 8.9 (winter), 11.4 (summer)
  • Drive: 2 hydraulic motors with 44 kW each, winches running with constant torque
  • Folding time: open/close in approx. 2 minutes each




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