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The Côte d’Azur,often known in English as the French Riviera is the Mediterranean coastline of the southeast corner of France, also including the sovereign state of Monaco has many honeymoon locations. The French Riviera coastline covers 560 miles and consists of both sand and shingle beaches.

This coastline was one of the first modern resort areas. It began as a winter health resort for the British upper class at the end of the 18th century. With the arrival of the railway in the mid-19th century, it became the playground and vacation spot of British, Russian, and other aristocrats, such as Queen Victoria and King Edward VII, when he was Prince of Wales. In the summer, it also played home to many members of the Rothschild family. In the first half of the 20th century it was frequented by artists and writers,
After World War II it became a popular tourist destination and convention site.

History of Honeymoon Trips

One early reference to a honeymoon is in Deuteronomy 24:5 (Bible) “When a man is newly wed, he need not go out on a military expedition, nor shall any public duty be imposed on him. He shall be exempt for one year for the sake of his family, to bring joy to the wife he has married.”

Originally “honeymoon” simply described the period just after the wedding when things are at their sweetest; it is assumed to wane in a month. The earliest term for this in English was hony moone, which was recorded as early as 1546.

In Western culture, the custom of a newlywed couple going on a Honeymoon trip together originated in early 19th century Great Britain, a concept borrowed from the Indian elite, in the Indian Subcontinent. Upper-class couples would take a “bridal tour”, ( Honeymoon Trip) sometimes accompanied by friends or family, to visit relatives who had not been able to attend the wedding. The practice soon spread to the European continent and was known as voyage à la façon anglaise (English-style voyage) in France from the 1820s on.

Honeymoon trips  in the modern sense (i.e. a pure holiday voyage undertaken by the married couple) became widespread during the Belle Époque,as one of the first instances of modern mass tourism.  The most popular honeymoon destinations at the time were the French Riviera and Italy, particularly its seaside resorts and romantic cities such as Rome, Verona or Venice. Typically honeymoons would start on the night they were married, with the couple leaving midway through the reception to catch a late train or ship. However, in the 21st century, many couples will not leave until 1–3 days after the ceremony and reception in order to tie up loose ends with the reception venue and/or simply enjoy the reception to its fullest and have a relaxing night afterwards to recover, before undertaking a Honeymoon Trip.

Our Plan for your Honeymoon Trip( By Road)

Start and end : Cannes, South France

Distance (approx): Around 400 km depending on your day trips

Ideal duration: 7 days

Landing Location : Land in Paris and Take a TGV to Cannes

The Honeymoon Trip Route( By Road )

You can start your Honeymoon Trip at cannes France and stay in one of the villages  “Cabris ” and make day Honeymoon Trips  by road to places around. Villages and towns worth visiting are Nice, Monaco, Eze, Grasse, Tourretters – sur- Looup Mougin and Greolieres. After a hectic wedding schedule, you want to take your Honeymoon Trip and explore quaint Apes- Maritimes villages, sit in a café and have long breakfasts that stretch into lunch, shop in Monaco or laze on a beach.

Good food, lazy days and charming little villages is what this Cannes Honeymoon Trip route is all about. Take  TGV ( is a high speed train ) from paris  to paris whic is the most  convenient connection to Cannes.

From Cannes  can hire a car for your Honeymoon Trip. Base yourself in Cabris- a gorgeous village near Grasse and then make day trips from there. In Monaco you can blissfully shop for brands; at Nice you can check out little perfumeries. At Gourdon you can eat at the Tavern Provencal with fabulous views over the Gorges de Loup and the coast. And for a real insight into French rural life drive to Greolieres.

 Tips for your Honeymoon Trip

For your Honeymoon Trip , we have done some research and have identified few good hotels in Canes , and in other cities of south France.  Key in the city name ( Eg cannes) and the related details ( dates of travel and number of guest ) and click on the search button.  It will give you all the hotels in the location/city.

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Few other good resource about the area is www.beyond.fr. Go to Mougins one evening for a meal. It is filled with lovely restaurants that offer terrace as well as open air-dining.

For Your Knowledge – Honeymoon Trip

Cannes – Honeymoon Trip Location

Cannes Film Festival Honeymoon Trip Location

Cannes Film Festival Honeymoon Trip Location

Cannes is one of the best-known cities of the French Riviera, a busy tourist and Honeymoon trip destination. Cannes is the host of the annual Cannes Film Festival.  Most visitors bound for Cannes will arrive first at Nice International Airport. From here there are a number of travel options, there is a half-hourly Express Coach to Cannes Centre via the A8 motorway, at a cost of around €15.

Places to See in Cannes – Museums

  • The Musée d’Art et d’Histoire de Provence houses artifacts.
  • The Musée de la Castre
  • Musée de la Marine,
  • Musée de la Mer,
  • Musée de la Photographie and
  • Musée International de la Parfumerie.

Other Places to See around  Cannes

  • The villas of Cannes
  • St Marguerite Island
  • St Honorat Island
  • Theatre and music

Festivals and show events

  • The Cannes Film Festival,founded in 1939, is held annually, usually in May.
  • Midem, the foremost trade show for the music industry.
  • Mipim, the worlds largest property-related trade show.
  • Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.
  • Carnival on the Riviera is an annual parade through the streets to mark the 21-day period prior to Shrove Tuesday.
  • The International Festival of Games is festival of bridge, belote, backgammon, chess, draughts, tarot and more (February).
  • Festival de la Plaisance is an event for boating enthusiasts in the Vieux Port (September).
  • The International Actors’ Performance Festival: comedy sketches and performances by fringe artists.
  • The International Luxury Travel Market brings together under one roof the top international luxury travel providers and suppliers from all around the world.
  • Le Festival d’Art Pyrotechnique is a magnificent annual fireworks competition held in the summer at the Bay of Cannes.
  • Mipcom and MIPTV, held in October and April respectively, the world’s most important trade markets for the television industry.
  • The Pan-African Film Festival, held in early April and featuring films from the African diaspora.

Cabris – Honeymoon Trip Location

cabris Honeymoon Location

cabris Honeymoon Location

Cabris Honeymoon Trip location is 26 km from Cannes. Cabris is a commune of the Alpes-Maritimes department in southeastern France. Cabris is a beautiful village perched on a high promontory extending out to the south from the Plan de Provence hills. The panoramic view from the top of the village, beside the 17th-century church Notre Dame de l’Assomption, is spectacular.

Popular places to visit near Cabris: these include Grasse at 4 km and Saint-Cezaire-sur-Siagne at 7 km. Grasse is a listed ‘town of art and history’ at 4km and Jardin de la Villa Fort de France is a listed ‘remarkable garden’ at 4km.

Nice – Honeymoon Trip Location

Nice Port Honeymoon Trip Location

Nice Port Honeymoon Trip Location

Nice is one of the oldest human settlements in the world. Terra-Amata, an archaeological site dating from the Lower Palaeolithic age, is situated near Nice. Nice itself was established by the ancient Greeks. There was also an independent Roman city, Cemenelum, near Nice, where the hill of Cimiez is located. It is an archaeological site with treasures, of which only a small part has been excavated. The excavated site includes thermal baths, arenas and Roman road.

Nice is a large city in France on the French Riviera. It’s a popular Honeymoon Trip destination. It is well known for the beautiful view on the Promenade des Anglais, its famous waterfront, and is an ethnically diverse port city.
Nice Airport is one of the busiest in France and has frequent daily flights to Paris, and direct to most major cities in Europe, including Moscow, as well as New York and Canada (seasonal), and a number of destinations in North Africa and the Middle East.

Places to See in Nice, Honeymoon Trip Location

  • Museum of Asian art, 405, Promenade des Anglais.
  • Parc Phoenix, 405 Promenade des Anglais.
  • Musee Chagall.
  • Musee Matisse, 164, ave des Arenes de Cimiezit
  • Musee et Site Archeologiques de Cimiez,
  • Place Masséna
  • Place Garibaldi
  • Place Rossetti
  • Cours Saleya

Monaco – Honeymoon Trip Location

Monaco City Honeymoon Location

Monaco City Honeymoon Location


Monaco, officially the Principality of Monaco is a sovereign city state on the Côte d’Azur (French Riviera). It is bordered on three sides by its neighbour, France, and its centre is about 16 km from Italy.

Monaco is the second smallest country in the world; only the Vatican City is smaller. Monaco is also the world’s second smallest monarchy, and is the most densely populated country in the world. The state consists of only one municipality. Monaco the old city on a rocky promontory extending into the Mediterranean, known as the Rock of Monaco.
Monte Carlo, the principal residential and resort area with the Monte Carlo Casino in the east and northeast;

Monaco Ecomony

  • One of Monaco’s main sources of income is tourism.
  • Gambling industry was introduced first during the reign of Florestan I in 1846
  • Monaco levies no income tax on individuals. The absence of a personal income tax in the principality has attracted to it a considerable number of wealthy “tax refugee” residents from European countries who derive the majority of their income from activity outside Monaco

Sport and entertainment

Sports and entertainment in Manoco are

  • Formula One
  • Monte Carlo Rally
  • Football
  • Rugby

Tourrettes – Honeymoon Trip Location

tourrettes Honeymoon Location

Tourrettes is a commune in the Var department in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in southeastern France.
Tourrettes is one of a series of “perched villages” overlooking the plain between the southern Alps and the Esterel massif, which borders the sea between Cannes and Saint-Raphaël. Tourrettes is a charming old Provençal village popular with tourists. The village is located on the road to Mons,linking Nice to Grenoble through the Alps.

In the recent years a high-standing golf resort has settled in Tourrettes. The aerodrome of Fayence-Tourrettes was one of the most active in Europe.

Map for your Honeymoon Trip

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Have a Great time at honeymoon locations