In India, every region with a considerable tourist footfall has its own things to see, do and buy. We, however, decided to bring you alternative aspects of five such places that will perhaps make you revisit them.

Holiday in States of IndiaA melting pot of vibrant cultures, India is a country famed for many things, with every state having its quintessential must-sees and must-dos. Nonetheless, there are some facts that are common knowledge for locals but surprising discoveries for travelers.

Goa India

Holiday in States of India

Commonly known for its bottle of Feni, this tiny state holds more than just tipple Goa is home to azulejo-a glazed ceramic tile originally from Portugal and Spain. A major aspect of Portuguese architecture, azulejos are used to embellish the walls of churches and houses. You can pick up these intricately designed tiles, also available in the form of small souvenirs, from Azulejos de Goa in Panjim and Margao. Get more information at

Sikkim India

 Holiday in States of India

Known for its monasteries, piping hot dumplings and thukpas, this landlocked  state also manufactures one of the best-quality cheeses in India. The Gouda available in Dentam, West Sikkim is produced at the cheese plant in Sikkim Dairy Products Pvt Ltd. Churned out from pure cow’s milk, it is sweet and fruity in flavor. Another must-try in Sikkim is the locally brewed millet beer called chhang (also referred to as thumba and chee) Served in a bamboo glass with a bamboo straw, it is available throughout the state.

Odisha India

 States of india_sand

If  you plan to head towards the east of India, a visit to the Puri beach in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha is a must. Beautifully carved sand sculptures on the shores of the Bay of Bengal attract people living across the state. The sand of this beach has, in the past, depicted Lord Buddha, mermaids and even monuments and political figures. So don’t skip the Puri beach or you might miss out on some exquisite art.


states of india_madhya temple

A visit to central India calls for a stop by the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh, Indore. Apart from the palaces and temples, get a whiff of its culture through its local delicacies. A staple for many, poha jalebi, is a combination of cooked flattened rice along with chewy and sugary pretzel-shaped sweets made by deep-frying wheat flour batter. Stop by the locally famous Chappan Dukaan, located in the heart of the city, to grab a bite of this unconventional combination.


 states of india_Gujarat

Popular among tourists for its vibrant culture and festivals, Gujarat is also famous for its locally made sherbets. Available under the brand name of Motumal Tanumal, the company has been producing sherbets in different flavors for the past six decades in Ahmadabad. These bottled sherbets are sold across the state in grocery stores and are quite popular among the locals.

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