Uttarakhand, the name spells the magic. At Tehri Garhwal, a vivid imaginary of winding roads with towering peaks in the background will stay with you forever…

Beautiful state of Uttarakhand is known for its panoramic exquisiteness. If you are based in Delhi, you mostly think of Uttarakhand for weekend escape. The people mostly choose the tranquil region of Tehri Garhwal because it is very special. Mostly people looking forward to laidback and relaxing holiday, so they chucked conventional holiday destination like National and headed towards offbeat destinations in Tehri.


Himalayan Holiday

On the way to this land of rolling hills, there is the city of Dehradun running on both sides. As visitors car chugged in ahead towards Mussoorie, a thought about versatile author Ruskin Bond comes their mind. Most of his books are set around Mussoorie and Dehra. At Mussoorie, thick jungle dotted the winding ghat roads.The three hour drive from Dehra to Kanatal via Dhanaulti was scenic and consequenty verdant valleys and lofty mountains welcomed the visitors. ‘Words fall short to describe the scenic splendor of Tehri, a beautiful region home to the prestigious Tehri Dam’.


Tehri Dam, apparently came into shape after hard work of 35 years. The spectacular panorama of Tehri introduced the visitor to a different world. Vast expanse of thick forests and verdant step farms welcomed visitors at Dhanaulti. High altitude, separated from the trees falling in line, clouds kissing hills made the landscape beautiful. Perched amidst virgin forests of deodar, rhododendron and oak, Dhanaulti welcomed visitors with its peaceful atmosphere and tranquil location. Situated just 25 km from Mussoorie, Dhanaulti is an ideal summer gataway. Long wooded slopes, cool weather, fantastic view of lofty Himalayas, caressing breeze makes Dhanulti a perfect destination for relaxed holiday. After clicking hundreds of pictures, they went to the Eco Park in Dhanaulti. The park is home to some exotic varieties of plants, creepers, ferns, and trees and attracts lots of bird species. The visitors like to watch some exotic birds like Rosy Finch, Yellow Billed Blue Magpie, White Tailed Stonechat, Black Bulbul besides the Great Himalayan Barbet.

Eco-chic destination


Dhanaulti is also home to Surkanda Devi Temple, which attracts swarms of pilgrims and tourists. In that temple the visitor saw huge queues of devotees who had assembled to visit the temple. After the spiritual sojourn and a quick darshan, they headed towards the hotel. Kanatal is an amazing beauty of nature. Upon reaching the hotel, Kanatal Resort Spa, they were realized place is a paradisical retreat hidden away amidst hilly region of Tehri’s deep woods. The best place to have a tea is the balcony of a hotel that overlooks the pristine valley and gives you a fabulous view of the snow covered Himalayas.

Walking in the woods


After a quick tea session, they decided to see the place. They asked the resort people who told to their is an Eco Park bang opposite the resort gate. They shelled out Rs.20 per head and entered the Eco Park. Birds chirped from all kinds of bushes, plants, vines, creepers, trees that grew effortlessly. From the park, they could clearly see two prime Himalayan peaks of Tehri-Nanda Devi and Trihul. At a hill station, walking in the woods can be a therapeutic experience. They took a stroll in the woods when a local naïve told to return since a tiger is on prowl. Tiger? Here in Kanatal? They wanted to venture deep into the woods but local native kept urging their to return. Prime attraction of this wondrous retreat lies in the Tehri Dam. On the way, a huge market greeted the visitors. Shops selling utensils, woolens, ornaments, fruits.

Examples of excellence

The visitors were at Tehri Dam. A huge expanse of shiny emerald waters with thick boundary of hills was in front of the visitors. The huge lake, formed by the dam, is one of the most picturesque spots they have ever been to. The area near Tehri Dam is called New Tehri, which is also the district headquarters of Tehri Garhwal. The dam is a multi-purpose rock and earth filled embankment on the Bhagirathi (another name of Ganges).

tehri_dam_full_view_large (615 x 430)

They stopped at the Dam for an hour or so witnessed a masterpiece. After clicking a dozen pictures, they got into a jetty, which took the visitors to one corner of the lake to the other. Anyone would love boating in this picturesque lake.

What’s What

Getting there

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