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                The capital city of Poland is the phoenix that rose from the ashes of the second world war and communist soviet supremacy. Warsaw has been trying desperately to repair and rebuild itself ever since—over 80 per cent of the city has been reconstructed; some buildings and structures as replicas of the original. Today, warsaw is not only the economic hub of the country, but also the most historically important.


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               To celebrate Fryderyk Chopin’s 200th birth anniversary, warsaw created a special walking route through the city – follow the trail to chopin’s (multimedia) Benches. Giving you the chance to explore Chopin’s warsaw, including historic and picturesque spots, the walk incorporates breaks along the way on 15 benches. Each of these is quipped with an audio guide and a jukebox of sorts that plays a selection from some of chopin’s most famous pieces, while also giving you information about the spot you’re at and its connection to the classical composer.

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The king sigismund III Vasa column is one of the earliest secular monuments in Northern Europe, located in the castle square in Warsaw’s old Town; detail from Wilanow Palace, built in the 17th century; street musicians play classical music in the Old Town.


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                You won’t miss the palace of culture and science –  poland’s tallest building at 756 ft. A gift from stalin to the people of Poland, today it is seen as a hateful reminder of soviet domination (but it offers great views from the 30th floor’s observation deck). Not far from here is the site of the warsaw Ghetto upspring, with a memorial for its victims. When you need a breath of air, visit the Royal Baths Park or Lazienki Park and palace complex. Also browse through the chopin Museum and the National Library of Poland, which houses some of Poland’s most exciting cultural and religious documents. A tour of the Royal Castle along the Royal Route is a must, followed by an evening at the bustling castle square or the New and Old Town Market Squares.



                Poland isn’t know for its haute cuisine, what with most of it being borrowed or adapted from other countries, but it is famous for its ‘Milk Bars’. These are basic canteen-like eateries, reminiscent of the Communist era that serve the few traditional items Poland can call its own, like Pierogies – baked or fried dumplings, stuffed with potato, sauerkraut, meat, cheese or fruit. Also try the traditional (pork) lard spread called smalec, and of course, the potent polish vodka.



                Haggle over German helmets, yellowing maps and antique Prussian lamps at Bazar Na Kole, the flea market. Smack in the city center is Zlote Tarasy, Warsaw’s best shopping mall, but if you’re looking for something typically Polish, check out Arex Folk Art Gallery, or Cepelia.

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Aeroflat, Qater airways, Austrain Airlines, Emirates has daily flight from delhi to poland.


  warsaw has its fair share of seven-star luxury hotels. Wola, and Mokotow are centally located areas with great options.


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