Downtown Switzerland is presented as a Double Feature with The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. One ticket grants access to both screenings. Zurich in the autumn of 2003: an insidious change of climate, which had more to do with politics than with the weather, made Christian Davi, Stefan Haupt, Kaspar Kasics, and Fredi M. Murer go on a spontaneous trail-hunting tour of their city. Each followed the irregular beat of life in the “Swiss metropolis of culture and economy”. They then combined their material to a multi-layered film, intertwining their individual handwritings and their different topics. Four film directors, four cameras, four points of view – in a film drawing an electrifying picture: Zurich as a trading centre of money and mind, where the most diverse ways of living peacefully coexist, interrelate, or brutally clash. The result of an extraordinary cooperation, this film chronicle looks over the shoulder of global players, political refugees, small-scale industrialists, trendsetters, bus drivers, tram drivers, artists, and young politicians of the right wing Swiss People’s Party. city of Switzerland explores the ins and outs of in-the-box thinking and examines the analyses made by sociologists and think tanks. It shows the passions of totally average Zurich men and women. The observation of everyday life makes DOWNTOWN SWITZERLAND a mirror of Switzerland as a whole, a many-faceted snapshot of that hot winter season, when an industrialist from the right-hand shore of Lake Zurich was elected Federal Councillor. 

In downtown Switzerland

We show you how a well- spent day in Zurich city of Switzerland can leave you feeling rejuvenated. From historic to modern influences, the city is your one – stop destination to splurge on all things good.

This was one of those last minute trips, and given that Switzerland has been popularised by Bollywood, somehow, I was thrilled and curious to know what the country had in store for me (Even though I am the last person to embrace Bollywood – style romancing). It couldn’t get better than picking Zurich to make my initial inference. Considering I had only 24 hours, I wanted to make the most of this picturesque city and revel in its beauty. And the best way to discover Zurich is by foot. With most attractions within walking distance from each other, relaxing and taking in the essence and vibe of the city are simply enjoyable. If the on – foot exercise tires you out, hop on to one of the trams or take a swig of water to refresh yourself at any of the 1,200 drinking water fountains that dot the streets. With the main sights concentrated on the left bank of Zurich city of Switzerland (where Bahnhofstrasse constitutes the old town and the right bank of the River Limmat), explore the beautiful alleyways, get lost among-st the busy locals, walk into one of the shops, linger by the river or simply stumble upon quaint and, at times, stylish cafes and restaurants.

Keep our quick guide of the top five things to do before you bid goodbye to this “little big city”.

Timeless legends In downtown Switzerland

Timeless legends

Churches tell the story of a city and its history. They also acts as links between the past and the present, and the four iconic churches in Zurich city of Switzerland are the Grossmunster, Fraumunster, Predigerkirche and St. Peter’s Of these, the Fraumunster,  whose distinct blue spire stands out in the skyline, is considered very elegant, and one which house some of the greatest stained –  glass windows work of the famous  Marc Chagall. For the uninitiated, Chagall was a Jewish Russian – born artist, one who is considered as the pioneer of the 20th – century surreal art movement. Once you have taken in the sights inside Fraumunster, walk across the street to St Peter’s church. This church is known to have a bell from 1880 and its large clock face is considered the biggest across Europe.

Shop till you drop at Bhanhofstrasse

Shop till you drop at Bhanhofstrasse

Well, this is not only the most posh location in Zurich city of Switzerland with beautiful designer stores lining the streets, but also one of the most expensive shopping districts in the world. If the Chanels, Armanis, Diors and Pradas don’t suit your wallet then simply take a stroll to watch shopaholics scoop up Window shopping is not boring, especially not when ‘people watching’ can become a big part of the exercise.

Sinful indulgences In downtown Switzerland

Sinful indulgences

Come to think of it, in Zurich city of Switzerland you can satiate all the sins know to man. Well almost! Even if chocolates aren’t your poison, you reed to drop by at the famous Lindt & Sprungli  store. If shopping in Bhanhofstrasse doesn’t enthral you, there’s no better way to enlighten yourself with the Swiss way of life, than by popping into Lindt & Sprungli and experiencing its delightful pleasures.

In sight At downtown Switzerland

In sight

A must – do is to take a relaxed boat ride in that city of Switzerland. A great way to revel under the grogeous summer months from May to October. The boat starts its journey from the Burkliplatz, on to Bahnhofstrasse, and continues up to the northern end of the ravishing Lake Zurich city of Switzerland. After an hour- long ride, step in to one of the restaurants facing Lake Zurich in city of Switzerland and watch the sun make its descent kiss the lake.

Wine and dine

Wine and dine

Gastronomic experiences can be unparalleled when some of the best cuisines come together all in a short distance of one another. With the influence of German, French, Italian and Swiss cultures intermingling, the cuisine in Zurichcity of Switzerland is diverse and varied. From cafes to five – and seven – star hotels housing some of the most exquisite restaurants, even the most nitpicking of the lot can be well – cared for. Pay heed to those fondue cravings, or try the authentic delicious preparation of raclette, especially recommended for the cheese connoisseurs. Wash all this down with some fresh, mineral wines influenced by the Swiss terroir. At night, watch how the city transforms, as the cool cats come out dressed immaculately to hit the vibrant and lively nightclubs. Chic bars are completely packed and the sound of laughter and conversation fills the air as the night passes.

Upcoming Events And Cultural Activities In Downtown Switzerland 


Charles Vogele Fashion Days Zurich city of Switzerland

Zurich now has its very own Fashion Week: The Charles Vogele Fashion Days from November 3-6, 2014, which will showcase national and international designers.

Kunst 10 Art Centre

A lively art centre for contemporary and modern classics informer factory halls in Zurich,city of Switzerland from November 11-14, 2014.

New Year’s Eve Magic Hosted by the Zurich Hoteliers’ Association

Refreshment booths with bars and culinary delights from around the world, followed the countdown to the New Year and the famous New Year’s Eve fireworks display hosted the Zurich Hoteliers’ Association on December 31, 2014.

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