Festivals of the World – 2015

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A festival or gala is an event ordinarily staged by a community, centering on and celebrating some unique aspect of that community and its traditions, often marked as a local or national holiday, mela or eid.

Festivals often serve to meet specific purposes, especially in regard to commemoration and/or thanksgiving. They are associated with celebration and may also provide entertainment, which was particularly important to local communities before the advent of mass-produced entertainment. These celebrations offered a sense of belonging for religious, social, or geographical groups. Here we can see some of the festivals across the world.

Name of the festival: La Tomatina Festival

Date of the festival: 26 August,2015

Festival location: Bunol Spain

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About the Festival: The “Tomatina” is held on the last Wednesday in August in the town of Bunol. This unusual fiesta brings together crowds of people every year, ready to have a great time of laugher and fun, hurling tomatoes at each other. Participants at this joyful pitched battle have a wonderful time throwing tomatoes at anything that moves. it gets underway at 9 AM, in the town square, with rolls and pastries provided for breakfast by the Town Hall. Battle at 11 o’clock a shot is fired to announce the start of the fight and the first truckload of “Ammunition” appears.

Name of the festival: Onam

Date of the festival: 28 August,2015

Festival location: Kerala, India.

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About the Festival: Onam is Kerala’s harvest festival celebrated in the Malayalam month Chingam, from end of August to beginning of September. The festival falls in the Malayalam month of Chingam and marks the commemoration of the homecoming of the mythical King mahabali during the Vamana incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the pre-Vedic period. People put flower mats in front of their houses, to welcome King Mahabali. Celebrated for 10 days, the festivities comprise beautiful flower carpets, ‘Sadya’ or traditional lunch, snake boat races, ‘Puli Kali’ and Onappottan, Atthachamayam, Thikkaakarayappan, Thumbi thullal, Onavillu, etc.

Name of the festival: Regata Storica

Date of the festival: 6 September,2015

Festival location: Venice.

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About the Festival: The Regata Storica of Historical Regatta is a spectacular sporting event that takes place along the Grand Canal in Venice to mark the welcoming of Caterina Cornaro, wife of the King of Cyprus in the 15th Century. Several Venetian rowing boats with rowers and the locals in period costumes parade on the waters to commemorate the welcome. There is also a competition involving several coloured boats and people setting about in the Venetian lagoon. Out of the fours races in many categories, the main event is the men’s caorline contest. the races start in Castello and proceed west up the canal to the former convent of Santa Chiara, where the boats turn around a paleto to pound back to the finishing line at Ca’Foscari.

Name of the festival: Bromo Marathon 2015

Date of the festival: 13 September,2015

Festival location: Indonesia.

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About the Festival: The Bromo Marathon 2014 is returning to highlight the magnificent Mount Bromo in East Java on 7 September 2014 participated by hundreds of runners. The event will feature three categories of competition, including: the Full-Marathon distance, the Half Marathon distance and 10 Kilometer run. The start and finish line for the event will take place in the Village of Wonokitri in the heart of the Tenggerese culture in East Java. The Bromo Marathon works alongside community members to provide an event which aims to improve education, health and economic prosperity throughout the many low-income, low resource communities inhabiting the region.

Name of the festival: Oktoberfest

Date of the festival: 19 September to 4 Cotober,2015

Festival location: Munich, Germany

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About the Festival: The world renowed Oktoberfest is a 16-day festival held in Munich in Germany every year, starting last late September to first week of October. Enormous quantities of Oktoberfest beer are consumed then and tourists can also enjoy several traditional, tasty dishes. Traditionally, festivities begin on the dot of noon on the first Saturday after 15 September, when the mayor of Munich taps the first Keg and tells ‘O’zapft is! Once the Oktoberfest is officially open, a 12-gun salute signals to the bar staff to get the beer flowing and then there’s no holding back. There is a wide range of entertainment besides beer like carousels, merry-go-rounds and shooting and throwing galleries. There are beer tents and several kiosks that sell sweets, ice cream, non-alcholic beverages and souvenirs.

Name of the festival: Joy of Jazz

Date of the festival: 24 September to 26 September,2015

Festival location: Johannesburg

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About the Festival: If you love the likes of Charles mingus, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Louis Armstrong and so on. The Standard Bank Joy of Jazz is a festival made just for you. Being Johannesburg’s biggest annual jazz festival it is an ideal family outing, featuring a range of musical styles but with a strong emphasis on jazz. Celebrating its 16th anniversary in 2014 The Standard Bank joy of Jazz has a fantastic line up to top international and local artists. This year international artists hail from America, Sweden, Spain and the Netherlands.