Sweden ,officially the Kingdom of Sweden, is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. It borders Norway and Finland, and is connected to Denmark by a bridge-tunnel across the Öresund.Sweden is part of the geographical area of Fennoscandia.It is an incredible country that is often missed by those who only venture about Southern, Central or Eastern Europe.Sweden is the 3rd largest EU country in land area, after France and Spain.Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and the most populous city in the Nordic Region.Most of Sweden has a temperate climate, despite its northern latitude, with four distinct seasons and mild temperatures throughout the year. The country can be divided into three types of climate; the southernmost part has an oceanic climate, the central part has a humid continental climate and the northernmost part has a subarctic climate.Sweden is a good tourist destination because of its sound nature and also the culture of people. It is also famous for its attractive islands in it.

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Stockholm i fullmŒnens sken

Palces to Visit in Sweden:

Because of its unique identity it is a famous tourist destination for most people in the world. There are many Volcanoes, islands, glaciers, forests and many other attractive things are present in Sweden. The following are some of the beautiful and vibrant places to see in Sweden.


Stockholm is widely celebrated not only as the capital of Scandinavia, but also as one of the world’s most beautiful cities, built where lake meets sea, on fourteen islands.It is also the capital of Stockholm County.Stockholm is the cultural, media, political, and economic centre of Sweden. It’s a city where it’s easy and efficient to move around, where the air is fresh and the waters clean, with vast green areas permeating the city with plenty of space for everyone to roam freely. The famous tourist destination in Stockholm is as follows.

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Stockholm Archipelago:

The Stockholm Archipelago is one of the most fantastic parts of Stockholm.It is the largest archipelago in Sweden, and the second-largest archipelago in the Baltic Sea. This maritime landscape of more than 30,000 islands, islets and skerries, of which just some one thousand are inhabited, is unique in the world both in summer and winter. You can choose from shorter excursions lasting just a couple of hours, to day tours or even longer excursions with overnight stays. Many boat tours also offer gourmet lunch or dinner.


Gothenburg is the second-largest city in Sweden and the fifth-largest in the Nordic countries.City breaks don’t often come more perfect than they do in small, beautiful Gothenburg, the capital of West Sweden. Here you can discover quaint canals, the cobbled streets of historical Haga and countless green open spaces, including Sweden’s biggest botanical garden, boasting over 16,000 species.Gothenburg is classified as a global city by GaWC. The city was ranked as the 12th-most inventive city in the world by Forbes. The city is known for hosting some of the largest annual events in Scandinavia. It is also famous for its sound iconic structure.

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Kosterhavet National Park:

Kosterhavet National Park is the first nationalmarine park in Sweden.It is located in Strömstad and Tanum municipalities in Bohuslän, VästraGötaland County, Sweden.It consists of the sea and shores around the Koster Islands, excluding everything else on the islands.Kosterhavet is centredaround the car-free Koster Islands, only a two-hour drive up the lovely coast from Gothenburg. Once on the Kosters, you’ll see small fishing villages surrounded by an amazingly beautiful landscape, with many different plants and flowers.It’s the perfect environment for lobster safaris during the region’s renowned Shellfish Journey, as well as seal safaris, diving and sea kayaking.

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Marstrand is a seaside locality situated in Kungälv Municipality, VästraGötaland County, Sweden.Located only an hour’s drive from Gothenburg, Marstrandisland is Sweden’s version of Hollywood as the playground of royalty and celebrities, boasting a rich, intriguing history. Being an island makes Marstrand an ideal location for sailing and sailing competitions. Marstrand is the host venue for the prestigious Match Cup Sweden event which is part of the World Match Racing Tour. The event draws the world’s best sailing teams to Marstrand in a gladiatorial battle of nerve and skill on the water.

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Malmo is the capital and most populous city in Skåne County, and the third largest city in Sweden. In recent years, Malmö has developed into an exciting city with a focus on cultural offerings, innovative architecture and a strong organic social character.The ModernaMuseet Malmö was opened in the old Rooseum building. It is a part of the ModernaMuseet, with independent exhibitions of modern and contemporary art.Malmö’s oldest building is Sankt Petri Church. It was built in the early 14th century in Baltic Brick Gothic probably after St Mary’s Church in Lübeck. The church is built with a nave, two aisles, a transept and a tower.Football is the famous game in this area of Sweden.

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Skåne’s wonderful nature is a holiday paradise in more ways than one. Here, you can indulge in fantastic views and exciting natural phenomena as well as complete silence and tranquillity, long, light evenings and the luxury of walking on a path in the middle of the forest all by yourself.Ale’s Stones, Skånesdjurpark (the zoo of Nordic animals), Turning Torso and Lund Cathedral? Here are some of Skåne’s classic tourist attractions and exciting places to visit. Cycling, Hiking, Swimming, Shopping, Fishing are some of the activities the tourists can enjoy in Skane. It has vast forests with light and airy deciduous trees and many forest-clad ridges that rise above the landscape.

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How to Reach:

By Air to Sweden:

Sweden’s main airport is Arlanda, which is about half an hour’s drive from Stockholm. The airport is linked to most European capitals, with flights coming in almost daily. If you’re coming to Sweden from outside Europe, you have two options: you can catch a flight to one of the European airports which has flights to Arlanda; or you can come to Copenhagen (which has links from Asian and North American cities), and then get a connecting flight to Arlanda.

By Rail:

Sweden is linked, by both train and road, to a number of other cities in Europe, mainly in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Poland, Estonia and the UK. From all these countries, bus services and trains run regularly, connecting with ferry services.

By Road:

Sweden is linked, by both train and road, to a number of other cities in Europe, mainly in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Poland, Estonia and the UK. From all these countries, bus services and trains run regularly, connecting with ferry services.

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