It is the capital of Qatar. It is a developing city which looks set to become one of  the premier cities in the Gulf . It may be one of the smaller and less explored gulf cities but Doha has plenty of diverse options to keep you entertained.


With culture artefacts, manuscripts, textiles and ceramics, this museum is to must-visit and the structure itself worth marvelling at his exhibit, the structure itself is worth marvelling. That as a symbol for his religion and culture, the area covered by museum is 45,000 square meters. There is an spherical brass plate used to measure the position of the stars, are dating back to the 10th century.


A slice of village life note for any tourist, and in doha that is served in the form of the Doha Heritage village, which is located along with the cornice in Al Rumelia Park is the open-air museum that is modelled along a Qutari village, tourist will experience the culture of that village, completely with demonstrate activities such as weaving and pearl trading. Fancy of yourself, learn about fishing things from that place and also equipped with nets and fishing traps or, even you know the business tips and tricks.


               In mostly Gulf Cities, the cornice is an seaside promenade and here visitors spend plenty of time either jogging, shopping, eating and simply gazing at boundless water sitting under the shade of trees. At the end of cornice, there are parks, children’s playground, some best restaurant and hotels located along this space. Pearl-driving is one of the oldest occupations in the world.


               The old clock tower located next to the Grand Mosque is located on the hill, therefore it’s helps to view the city which is very interesting to watch from that sight. The cornice is not too far and day takes on completely mystic appearance by night. While starting at a clock may not be a very conventional sightseeing experience for visitors.


 The Almaha would have became an extinct species. The Almaha or oryx is the endangered desert deer characterised by looks dark marking on the face straight twin horns. It is through conservation and breeding programmes. Located close to the sanctuary is  Al Shahaniya , a purpose –built  camel racetrack that is  popular for camel races held here. The race track also helps some fast car-driving.


The word souq now rings a distinct bell especially with awomen. Traditionally , A  souq in a gulf country meant a market place, but now a days souqs are  only shopping places. After its recent make over , souq waqif not only offers irresistible handicrafts jewellery, garments, and souvenirs, but also houses several art galleries in addition to the best shisha cafes in the city.


Villagio Mall is located between the Hyatt plaza and sport City, takes its inspiration from Venice. With a canal running along the centre of the mall and gondolas floating about offering rides to excited or exhausted shoppers, this is a novel shopping experience. Inside in this mall, the best place is opulence which have boasts 220 stores of almost every famous brand in the world like labels from Italy, the US and the UK, a vast arrangement for entertainment option such as 3D cinema hall, a roller-coaster, an ice-skating ring and plenty of restaurants are offering.


               While take trip to Doha never miss the opportunity that a ride on the sand dunes as this is one of the few places in the world that has singing sand dunes. It make sounds like as a fable out of Arabian Nights. It’s happened and all by nature, the wind makes everything musical. When the humidity is low, singing sound could be hear and wind blows along with the sand.


               Jungal Zone is located in the Hyatt Plazza,this is area covered by 3,500 sq km of an indoor park is heavenly for adults, even kids spend all day in this park without so much as a wail. Jungle Zone is filled with animal-themed rides and attractions and also hosts exciting events during festivals.


               Doha’s only the gulf club is sprawling about 7,374-yard, 18-hole course that hosts championship as well as amateur games. It also make an houses a nine-hole floodlit academy course that sports a fancy clubhouse and a few restaurants. The most exciting time to watch  Qatar Master golf tournaments that generally happens during the period of February.



              Air India, Air France, Jet Airways KLM Airlines, Spice jet and Go Air are has daily flights from Delhi, Kochi and Mumbai to reach Doha.


                 La Villa Hotel is an 2 star hotel just 1.5 km away from the Doha, Holiday Villa is an 4 star hotel just 2.5 km away from the Doha and The Royal Rivera Hotel is an 5 star hotel just 2.0 km away from the Doha.

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