Calaguas Island- Enough with the explanation with the beauty of Calaguas Islands, much have been said about its powdery white beach sand that is equal to the beach of Boracay Island, that the blue crystal water is comparable to the beaches of Palawan, and blah blah blah, yes that’s true nobody would contest it and i think even more than that.

The Calaguas is located in the Philippine province of Camarines Norte. It includes the major islands of Tinaga Island and Guintinua Island, the minor Maculabo Island, as well as several other minor islands. Most of the islands are under the administrative jurisdiction of Vinzons, Camarines Norte, while the minor island of Maculabo is under the jurisdiction of the municipality of Paracale, Camarines Norte. Recently, the island of Tinaga where the famous long beach called Mahabang Buhangin is located is experiencing influx of tourists in the area despite the absence of accommodation. Campers and backpackers are visiting to experience its powdery white sand.


The recent popularity of Calaguas Island has brought many tourists and travelers alike, especially during the summer, worrying some of the natives and locals that might lead to the detriment of the island’s peace and pure virgin serenity in a couple of years time, that’s why the government already create a program that will held everyone responsible on taking care of Calaguas Island. In this, the local community’s effort is to safeguard and protect the well-being of the island. Big and small tour operators are encouraged to preserve the quiet and peaceful nature of Calaguas Island. Most small and local tour island operators such as Calaguas Local and the like are helping the community to a future geared towards a better local eco-tourism in the island.

How to Reach ,Calaguas Island

Booking Hotels Near Calaguas Island

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If you’re looking for a white beach paradise this summer, don’t look further because Calaguas Island is the best beach paradise that will leave your nature loving hearts in awe.

Today, I will show you how to get to Calaguas Island from Manila to Vinzons, Camarines Norte. There will be 2 routes, by air or by land. I will show you both and what’s the most affordable way to get there without breaking your pocket simple smile How to Get to Calaguas Island.

BY AIR, Calaguas Island


Plan-1, Calaguas Island

The jump off point to Calaguas Island is Daet, Camarines Norte, either via Paracale or via Vinzons. You can either travel by land or by air. By air, it is just 45 minutes away from Manila to Naga, Camarines Sur, which is the nearest airport. Then from Naga domestic airport ride a  van going to Daet for 2 hours. Major airlines flies there.

Plan-2, Calaguas Island

From the airport, board a plane going to Naga, Camarines Sur. This will take you 45 minutes (flight time), upon arriving from Naga Domestic Airport, ask a taxi, tricycle to Daet van terminal, make sure you negotiate with the fare. Daet van will cost you Php180, and the travel will take 2hours. When you arrive at Daet, we will meet you at the terminal and we will go straight to Vinzons to take a boat ride, check out our packages here! simple smile How to Get to Calaguas Island

From Daet, take a tricycle to Vinzons Jeepney Terminal, ask the driver to bring you to Vinzons Fish Port. From there, you can hire a boat man going to Calaguas, rate differ depending on the boatman, some are 8000 to 10,000 pesos. Travel time will most likely to be 3 hours.

BY LAND, Calaguas Island

Plan-1, From Manila to Paracale

Superlines Bus Line, EDSA, Quezon City. Luckily as to date, Superlines also has a direct trip to Panganiban/Paracale.

Daily Trip Schedule from Manila to Panganiban/Paracale. Travel time is 10-12hrs.

    • 5:45am – Non Air-conditioned Bus for P390
    • 5:30pm – Air-conditioned Bus for P515
    • 7:45pm – Air – conditioned Bus for P515
    • 8:45pm – Non Air-conditioned Bus for P390
    • *Other bus lines are Philtranco & Isarog Bus.

From Panganiban, take a bus or jeep going to Bato – balani and from there hire a tricycle going to Paracale fish port.

Plan-2. If you’re from Naga.

A. via Paracale (fish port going to Calaguas Island)

From Naga ride a van going to Daet (van terminal is near SM Naga), fare is roughly 200Php and travel time is about 2.5 hours. From Daet take van or bus going to Paracale for another 1.5hrs for 100Php. From Paracale, rent a tricycle to the fish port. Several boatmen are waiting there to bring you to Calaguas Island, boat rental for round trip is 2500Php whether overnight or just a day trip. Try to haggle it down to P2000. Sea travel is approximately 2-2.5 hrs boat ride from Paracale.

B. via Vinzons (fish port going to Calaguas Island)

From Daet you can take a van or jeep going to Vinzons fish port. From there hire a boat man going to Calaguas. Rate is up to Php2500 – 3500, again depending on your haggling skills. It is more or less 4 hours boat ride and is approximately 19 nautical miles (35.19km.) to Calaguas Island.Other Bus lines options are Philtranco, Isarog Bus and DLTB co. Most of them are along Edsa Cubao and Pasay area. Sea travel time is more of less 2 to 3 hours from Paracale port.

Things To Do- Calaguas Island

1. Beaches, Calaguas Island


Best beach i’ve ever seen so far. Very white sand and crystal clear water. A bit far but it’s all worth it (2 hour boat from the town).There is one resort at the of the island but we chose to camp out. There is a local store near the shore and a water pump there is no available source for fresh water so you have to pay 10 pesos per pile. We visited the nearby island and had a short hike and the view was spectacular. On one side is the view of the whole island of the calaguas and the other side (i don’t know what it is called) is where you can see Philippine sea meets the pacific ocean (huge waves and great rock formations). Recommended for large group tour. Reminders: No phone signal at the island No electricity so load up all those powerbanks! They have cottages where you can have your group sessions. Locals have generators but they will turn off the lights at 10pm Bring volleyball they have nets along the shore.

2. Paradise, Calaguas Island


This Island is a must-visit place. The beach is crystal clear with very fine white sands. It is a peaceful place when we were there since it was of peak. The banca ride was not as wavy as my friends experienced. We stayed in Waling-waling Resort and our accommodation is super great! We rented our own Cabana with restroom and bath. We were also able to use the front Cabanas during the day since we were the only guests in the resort. Food was delicious! You can go to the hills to view the sunrise and sunset. Visited February 2015.

3. Go fishing with your best buddy, Calaguas Island


4. Play around in/with the sand, Calaguas Island


Walking along Mahabang Buhangin  The famous mile-long beach in Calaguas, it’s also known as Halabang Baybay in Bicolano. The first thing to do when you get there is to walk along that stretch of pristine white sands. You’d feel revitalized already just by looking at the azure water. At night, there will be fireflies illuminating the beach.

5. Go camping!, Calaguas Island


the entire length of Mahabang Buhangin and saw other groups pitching tents.There are no accommodations in this island but there are vast areas where you and your friends can pitch your tents for the night. A nice group of coconut palm trees, a lonely hut and the group that was fortunate enough (or not as coconut fruits can drop on their heads any time) to have claimed this part of the beach for themselves.

6. Leave footprints in the sand!, Calaguas Island



Nothing particularly fantastic about this photo except that when I look at it, I marvel at the actual number of people who own these footprints. How many were we in that beach that particular weekend? I also like this texture. Maybe I will use it in one of my websites one of these days. Or a digital scrapbook background perhaps.

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