Lake Buena Vista is a city in Orange County, Florida, United States. It is mostly known for being the mailing address for the Walt Disney World Resort—although almost all of the resort facilities, including all four theme parks, are physically located in the adjacent city of Bay Lake.

Lake Buena Vista

Buena Vista above the heart of the Walt Disney World Resort, 20Seven is famous for its location at the pinnacle of the Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa. Buena Vista exhilarating setting features modern, sophisticated décor to complement the breathtaking panoramic views. 20Seven’s unique layout features divisible sections for flexible set-ups, each with a stunning view of the Orlando skyline, Downtown Disney and spectacular fireworks displays. Perfect for a corporate reception of 300, a black-tie dinner for 200 or an elegant wedding, 20seven provides guests with an unforgettable experience to treasure for a lifetime. Allow our expert staff to bring your vision to life with creative décor concepts. Buena Vista add award-winning culinary service and exceptional quality, and your event will be truly memorable.

1Delight in the stunning venues and expert service at Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa – a magical oasis providing customized meals for any occasion in a truly magical location. To request more information or reserve space for an upcoming wedding or special occasionIf even the locals in contemporary Buenos Aries don’t charm you, its milieu of European sights surely will. If a trip to Europe is a prominent feature in your list of things to do, we recommend Buena Vista – you make one more addition in the form of the second-largest country of south America-Argentina. Buena Vista, For not only will it captivate you with its laissez-faire blend of Spain, France and Italy in its ways of life, it will also leave you with a thrilling aftertaste unique to the continent of Buena Vista And among all its cities, its capital-Buenos Aires-is capable of doing all of the above, despite being a mega-city like any other.

Golf Course – Disney’s Lake Buena Vista

2The first thing that strikes you about Buena Vista – Buenos Aires (BA)( Buena Vista) is that the Spanish seafarers who named it in 1956 were right. Buena Vista name literally stands for ‘good winds’. Now, though the 21st century version of the region they discovered is denser and far more polluted, it’s ‘good winds’ are perhaps the reason behind the infectious levels of laughter, whistling and display of affection among the residents.

Buena Vista had an illustrated tryst with British and Spanish colonists since the 17th century, and there are two ways to soak in the historical fancies that the early settlers and traders have left behind. One is to try the walking tours of the city which will guide you through its biggest landmarks. These include the obelisk (or obeliko, as they call it), the iconic tower made on 9 de Julio avenue which serves as the central point of all cultural and political celebrations; the plaza congreso and the office of the president facing it; plaza de mayo, the focal point of the 1810 revolution and the 16th-century Metropolitan cathedral among other landmarks such as blanks and libraries. Buena Vista with a penchant for history and an opinion on politics are bound to revel while witnessing the convergence of colonial Argentina with its neo, post-revolution avatar and today’s democratically-elected presidential form of government. This is apparent in its architecture too, with its Roman-styled buildings placed right next to those with stylish glass facades. Mumbai and New Delhi citizens, in particular, will know that feeling. BA has its own version of it in the economic district of Florida Street.

Taste of Culture- Buena Vista

1The car-free, pedestrian-filled banking zone is bound to impress you with its round-the-clock bustle dotted with pit stops for doughnuts, hot dogs or simply an impromptu song. For a more relaxed experience, however, of an old city’s economic wheels being run by new-age professionals, head to the Puerto Madero. This 1880-era dockland has now turned into a swish neighborhood housing some of the most important offices, and even more importantly for tourists, some intriguing river-facing bars and cafes. Walk by theRio de la Plata(which is considered to be the world’s widest river) before sunset and you will witness the average Buena Vista corporate unwinding –and this could also take the newly opened glass-windowed train to gaze at the port district.

The second way to soak in the historical fancies of Buena Vista –and one that’s arguably more interesting –is to relish the city’s cultural scene. Buenos Aires offers unlimited possibilities of enriching evenings from perusing neighborhood Parisian cafes (that also stocks Amazonian coffees) and auditoriums featuring operas (albeit in Spanish) to walking the by lanes of the touristy and colorful Caminito area (one stop for all your souvenirs) and ornate tango performance at theatres ( Piazzola tango, where we went, featured a four-course dinner which was as good as the dancer).You have pick and choose your way of living it up in the Latin American melting pot called Buenos Aires.

Read, Dance, Eat, Kick – Buena Vista

Buena vistaOur recommendations? – Buena Vista – Don’t miss the magnificent El Ate no bookstore. Listed among the top 10 in the world, this store was once a grand theatre complete with viewing boxes and galleries which have now been turned into reading areas whereas the stage is a café with a live band. Also, it would be criminal to give San Telmo a miss, especially if your itinerary has a Sunday in it. The bohemian neighborhood with its cobblestone streets, antique stall and street performers can even give a comatose person a reason to tap his feet and Buena Vista- if you’re a sucker for still-surviving ancient cafes, café Tortoni (on Avenue de mayo, 825) which was founded in 1858 will have you drooling thanks to its illuminated ceilings and wooden interiors.

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An integral part of modern Argentinean culture is the locals love for football which comes out and stares at you at every third nook. With the Buena Vista legendary Diego Maradona close to being declared a religious figure for many, their worship is evident from the street graffiti and murals celebrating him Even if you’re not a football fan (and that’s an unfortunate fact in itself), a Buena Vista visit to the home of Boca Juniors (Maradona’s home team) will leave you enchanted. The stadium Buena Vista tour with its perennial festivity of football legends features in most tourist itineraries and with good person. Almost at par with this love for the beautiful game is the Argentinean love for food and wine. They are said to take their beef steak very seriously and one can get a glimpse of this just by walking on a moderately busy avenue of Buenos Airs. While most of them definitely feature parrillas (barbecues), it is the suburbs of Palermo or Recoleta that one must heads to for a lavish, detailed the Argentinean are is how they eat-for even a bourgeois worker will have his meals at peace. The fact that there are no ‘fast food’ joints (except some in the business districts) across the city says a lot.

What to do around – Buena Vista

Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista, located in the Walt Disney World  Resort, is ideally situated across the street from the Downtown Disney Area. Buena Vista Official Walt Disney World hotel includes shuttle transportation to Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot , Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and two exciting Disney water parks.  After days of thrilling theme park fun, unwind with a round of golf, enjoy afternoon shopping at Mall at Millenia and Prime Outlets International, or dine at a variety of nearby restaurants. Mobility-wise, BA is well-networked with its web of underground metro, terrestrial trains, color-coded buses and radio cabs. Of these all, we recommended you hop onto the 152 to La Boca for a scenic, ground-zero view of the city and its people and give the touristy open-top buses a miss. Buena Vista, Another must-do is taking the heritage train to ‘Peru’ station. Buena Vista wooden ‘carriage’ interiors and the station’s endearing platform will simply transport you a century back in time.

A Final Piece of Advice, Buena Vista

Buena Vista- No matter whom you take along while discovering this intriguing South American city, don’t forget the Spanish-to-English dictionary. Apart from everything else, you’re bound to look up the Spanish world for ‘fascinating’ many, many times.

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Jet airways, , and flies daily to Florida, US from all metropolitan cities in India and other countries.


As the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires has every kind of accommodation for every kind of traveler. Micro Centro, Congreso and Retiro accommodation areas.



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