Kovalam offers an excellent diversity with Kovalam beach to suit all desires and occasions. Three curve shaped beaches, alienated by stony outcroppings, from the major attraction of this coastal resort.
Backed by precipitously mounting headlands and covered by fertile coconut palms, the beaches, especially the southern most part of lighthouse beach.It is also lined with a host of shops and shacks offering all kinds of services; creating an unmistakable resort atmosphere. Curio shops, hawkers of Kashmiri and Tibetan products, moneychangers and beachwear shops, between the surplus of restaurants and hotels, do brisk business during peak tourist season. The sea port of Vizhinjam is about 3 km away and famous for its special varieties of fish, old Hindu temples, big churches and a mosque. The Proposed International Trans shipment Terminal at Vizhinjam is also close to Kovalam.



Kovalam – Traveler Spots

Kovalam was among the most famous traveler spots in India during the hippy epoch. It still has a high rank among tourists, who arrive mostly from Europe and Israel. Kovalam is finding a new implication in the light of several Ayurvedic salons, and healing and renaissance resorts which supply a wide variety of Ayurvedic treatments for tourists.
Kovalam tourism is not just confined to sightseeing, swimming and lip-smacking cuisines, but there are more adventurous sports at Kovalam beach which are really pleasurable. This includes water diving, parasailing, wind surfing and many more. In Kovalam, you can see lots of Ayurveda resorts and there are numerous packages from which you can select the apt one fitting your need and budget. This ancient practice in Kerala has been proved of having immense medical benefits and hence Ayurvedic massages are popular among both the local as well as foreign tourists. Kovalam is also suited for honeymooners and it one of the best honeymoon destinations in Kerala


Once a calm fishing village clustered around its crescent beaches, Kovalam today is Kerala’s most developed resort. The main stretch, Lighthouse Beach, is touristy with hotels and restaurants built up along the shore, while Hawa Beach to the north is usually crowded with day-trippers heading straight from the taxi stand to the sand. Neither beach is particularly clean, but at less than 15km from the capital it’s a convenient place to have some fun by the sea, there’ssome promising surf, and it makes a good base for ayurvedic treatments and yoga courses. About 2km further north, Samudra Beach has several upmarket resorts,restaurants and a peaceful but steep beach.

Hawa Beach, Kovalam


Hawa beach or Eve’s beach lies opposite to the Light house beach. Many tourists claim it to be the most beautiful among the beaches in Kovalam. The exquisiteness of this Kovalam beach is enhanced by the stack of palm grooves which reward a unique elegance to this place.
The beach in the early morning is found crowded with native fishermen who rely completely on the sea for their living. Chanting and singing of these people in their local language along with the cadenced waves create a great acoustic treat for the visitors here. Hawa beach is separated from other beaches by the foreland of Edakkalu. From here, you can get the majestic view of sunset at its apex grace. After the sun sets, the calm cove of waters in the beach provides a visual charm of moonlit nights.

Light house beach, Kovalam


Among the tourist places in Kovalam, beaches are the foremost attraction. Kovalam beach is actually a long stretch of white sandy beach running alongside the Malabar Coast. The three separated parts of the beach are Hawah beach, Samudra beach and the Light House beach. The largest among these three beaches is the Light House beach which is a must visit beach of Kovalam.

Light house beach is named after the 30 meter high Light house here which is the most important feature of this beach. The Light House is located towards the southern end of the beach and it’s on a cape. There is an observation platform from which you can see Poovar in one direction and the famous Beemapalli mosque on the other. You can reach this platform by climbing a total of 142 steps.

Reasons To Visit Kovalam


  • Kovalam is “small goa” of South India. Kovalam is one of the few developed beach retreats in India alongside Goa.
  • Kovalam has a Goa-like feel with beaches suitable for swimming and a lot of beachside resorts that offer nice Arabian sea views (Unlike Goa).
  • Kovalam gets a a lot of organised charter tour operators from all over the world who get guests here for stays of 1 week multiples (Upto 4 weeks).
  • Samudra, Hawa, Lighthouse, Chowara and Mulloor are different beaches of Kovalam area. Chowara and Mulloor are more idyllic, Hawa and Lighthouse is more touristy. Samudra beach is where two major resorts are located.
  • Poovar lies at an extreme end of Kovalam and is treated as a backwater / island like destination
  • Guests to Kovalam do day visits to Kanyakumari, nearby plantation highlands and Neyyar wildlife sanctuary.

Samudra beach, Kovalam


Samudra beach which is a scenic jewel to Kovalam is located towards the north most region of Kovalam beach. This is separated from other beaches by disjointed fissures and giant promontory. The beach has enormous attractive features among which the most prominent is its isolation and the feel of serenity it offers. You will never find massive crowd of tourists pouring in here. This feature alone draws lots of tourists towards the beach as they can be away from the noisy howls and rushes of their routine city life.

Varkala Tourism

Varkala which is a small green town at a distance of nearly 50 km from Trivandrum is one of the major tourist spots in Kerala. Varkala tourism has a rare capability to please every category of tourists. Bordered by golden sands and blossoming green plantations, the beach has a lot to offer.
Varkala beach here is not just a tourist location availing facilities to sunbath, boat riding, swimming, adventure sports and ayurvedic treatments. The place is mainly famous as a religious place for the Hindu community. The beach is also known as papanasham beach and it is believed that taking a holy dip here cleanses away all your sins. ‘Pappanasham’ in local language means ‘destruction of sins’.






By Air

Located at a distance of about 15 kilometres, the Trivandrum International Airport is the nearest airport to Kovalam. The airport is connected to all major airports in India and major cities around the world, like Singapore and Colombo. From the airport you can hire a taxis, or even take a bus or auto-rickshaws to take you to Kovalam.

By Bus

Buses are the most economical way to reach Kovalam. Kovalam is well-connected to Trivandrum and other nearby major cities by city bus services. Luxury tourist bus services to Trivandrum are available from many nearby cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Madurai and Nagercoil.

By Train

The Trivandrum Central railway station, located about 15 kilometres from Kovalam, is the nearest railway station to Kovalam. The Trivandrum Central railway station is well linked to major cities in India. From the railway station, one can hire a taxi or a cab or board a bus to reach Kovalam.

Road/Self Drive

Self drive is perhaps the most enjoyable and hassle free way to reach Kovalam. Driving to Kovalam gives tourists the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty along the way. One can easily hire a taxi or a car from tour operators in the area.



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