Denmark’s many charms have become apparent to a global audience, particularly in recent years. Scandinavia’s “European” wing boasts glorious beaches, beautiful fairy-tale castles, lush forests, a temperate climate, friendly citizens, and a joie de vivre that’s infectious. Similarly, Danish/Swedish collaboration Bronen (The Bridge) showed the world the Oresund Bridge, a stunning feat of engineering that links the two countries by road and rail. For lovers of literature, a visit to Odense, the hometown of master storyteller Hans Christian Andersen, is a must. A museum here is dedicated to the writer and a visit to his childhood home is a real treat.Denmark’s eco-credentials are obvious throughout the land. In Copenhagen, the bicycle takes precedence over the car and is arguably the best way to explore this compact, picturesque city. On top of all this, the food is legendary – Denmark Danish fine dining paves the way for the best of Scandinavian cuisine.

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

1When visiting Copenhagen, many visitors make a beeline for this iconic recreation space. Dating from 1843, Tivoli is the inspiration behind the world-famous Disney theme parks, and here, you’ll find a huge range of attractions including a roller coaster, roundabouts, puppet theaters, restaurants, cafés, gardens, food pavilions, and even a Moorish-styled concert hall. Known across the world, Tivoli has appeared in numerous movies and is a true symbol of the city. At night, firework displays illuminate the sky, and in winter, the gardens are adorned with lights for the Christmas season. During the summer, you can catch free rock concerts on Friday nights.


2On the tiny island of Slotsholmen in the center of Copenhagen, you’ll find the Danish seat of government. Boasting more than 800 years of history, Christiansborg is the power base of the kingdom of Denmark and now home to the Parliament, the Prime Minister’s Office, and the Supreme Court. Fans of the TV series Borgen will be familiar with the setting. Several wings are still used by the Royal household and much of this is open to the public. Bishop Absalon built fortifications of the city here in 1167, and visitors can see ruins of the bishop’s castle, which was destroyed in the 14th century, as well as the medieval fortress.

National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen

Copenhagen - Canal tour - Tuesday July 8 2008A ten-minute stroll from Tivoli Gardens leads to the National Museum (National museet), which delves into Danish history and culture. The museum displays an impressive collection of Danish artifacts, including a 2,000-year-old sun chariot, Danish porcelain and silver, and Romanesque and Gothic church trimmings. Other collections highlight clothing from the 18th and 19th centuries as well as antique furniture. Supplementing this journey back through Danish history is an excellent ethnographic exhibition with items from Greenland, Asia, and Africa among others. At the Children’s Museum, kids can dress up in period costume, climb aboard a Viking ship, and visit a 1920s-style classroom. The National Gallery of Denmark (Statens Museum for Kunst), Copenhagen. The National Gallery of Denmark Denmark houses the country’s largest collection of Danish art. The original exhibits were once housed at Christiansborg, but moved to the current location in the late 19th century. A gigantic extension has not only significantly extended the space, but allows natural light to flood into the interior of the museum. Covering more than 700 years of European and Scandinavian art, the museum displays paintings by the Dutch Masters, Picasso, and Edvard Munch among others. Not surprisingly, fine collections of Danish art are also on display. The café is particularly pleasant and a great place to unwind and soak up the surroundings.

The Round Tower, Copenhagen

5Well worth scaling for the excellent panoramic views of Denmark, the Round Tower (Rundetarn) is 36 meters high and was built as an observatory in 1642. Here, you’ll find a small collection connected with the famous Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, however the highlight for most is the viewing platform reached by a spiral ramp. A glass floor hovers 25 meters above the ground, and not only can you gaze out over the rooftops of Copenhagen city, but also peer down into the castle’s core. A short walk through the surrounding old town takes you to Gråbrodretorv, one of the city’s most picturesque squares.

Kronborg Slot, Helsingør

6Kronborg Castle Denmark is not only the setting of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, but also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Consequently it scores top billing on Helsingor’s list of must-see sights. Even those with just a passing interest in the bard will surely want to visit. The imposing structure is clearly visible as you approach, so you can’t really miss it. The present incarnation dates from 1640, although several other fortresses preceded it. Serving as a garrison for a century or more, the castle was renovated in 1924. In the South Wing, you’ll find the Castle Chapel, which survived a fire in 1629 and has a magnificent Renaissance interior with German woodcarvings. The North Wing contains the great Ballroom or Knights’ Hall, while exquisite tapestries are displayed in the West Wing.

Off the Beaten Path in Denmark:

7The Farge Islands the Kingdom of Denmark also encompasses two autonomous countries: the far-flung Farøe Islands and Greenland. Lying some 600 kilometers west of the Norwegian coast, the Farøe Islands (Sheep Islands) is an archipelago of 18 remote islands. Landscapes range from steep rocky coasts, meadows, and mist- cloaked hills to fjords that bite deep inland. The Gulf Stream moderates the temperatures on land and at sea and attracts a diversity of marine life, including seals, whales, and many species of fish. Anglers
come here to cast their lines in the crisp, clear waters, and birders can admire some of the 300-plus species including puffins and guillemots. A boat trip to the Vestmanna bird cliffs is a highlight. The Faroe Islands also boast a lively music scene with many festivals in the summer.To the north and northeast of Eysturoy, one of the archipelago’s largest islands, lie many sizable and smallish islands. Blessed with a natural harbor surrounded by emerald hills, Klaksvik on Bordoy is the second largest town in the Farøes. Tourist attractions include the history museum and the Christian’s Church (Christians-kirkjan) with a boat hanging from its ceiling, the only one of four to return safely on a stormy winter’s night in 1923.To access the Faroes, you can fly to the airport on the island of Vågar year-round from Copenhagen or hop aboard a ferry from several Danish ports to Torshavn, the capital, on the island of Streymoy, Denmark.

Listings of events in Denmark

Aarhus Rocks! 1960-2014

Enjoy Danish rock music from 1960 to 2014 on stage. Many big Danish artists started their music career in Aarhus and have dominated the charts for decades. ‘Aarhus Rocks’ is the history of the Aarhus and its music stage which has paved the way for major Danish popular-music artists like Gnags, Thomas Helmig, Tina Dickow, TV-2, Nephew, and many more.

Sandsculpture festival

Sculptors Place The Finishing Touches To Their Hollywood Themed Sand Sculptures10 giant sand sculptures, created by the best international sand artists will throughout the summer showing at Hundested Harbour. The Sand Sculpture Festival has a unique location right on the harbor. The site offers a huge children’s area, where the whole family can enjoy themselves with various activities. You can buy ice cream, beer, soft drinks, coffee, etc. Picnic baskets are allowed. At the festival area there are tables and benches. Dogs must be kept on a leash.

Friday Rock

When Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen opens for the summer season 2015, it is also time for Friday Rock concerts with Danish and international stars on the amusement park’s open air stage. The concerts are free once the entrance to Tivoli has been paid.

CLICK Festival 2016

CLICK Festival is a visionary and innovative festival that embraces the future and focuses on what happens at the intersection of science, art and technology. CLICK Festival takes place from 14 – 17 May 2015 featuring concerts, performances, workshops and lectures. If you would like to explore new territories and draw the new map of the future, join the CLICK Festival.

Event date/time

  • 28/05/2015 – 01/05/2016    Kulturværftet    Monday – Sunday    –

Price interval Tickets

  • Fee: 0.00 DKK – 250.00 DKK

Open-air puppet theater in Kongens

The puppet theatre in Kongens Have welcomes you to the summer season with entertainment for children and adults in any weather. The shows feature simple stories with great humor, and are well suited for children from two years and up. The audience sits in the open, so remember to bring waterproof clothes for rain and sun protection for a sunny day.

Event date/time

  •   02/06/2015 – 12/07/2015    Det lille Teater    Tuesday – Sunday    14:00 – 14:30
  •   02/06/2015 – 12/07/2015    Det lille Teater    Tuesday – Sunday    15:00 – 15:30
  •   15/07/2015 – 30/08/2015    Det lille Teater    Tuesday – Sunday    14:00 – 14:30
  •   15/07/2015 – 30/08/2015    Det lille Teater    Tuesday – Sunday    15:00 – 15:30

Things to Do

The first thing to when you reach Copenhagen would be to invest in a Copenhagen Card that serves as a ticket to innumerable attractions in the city like the museums, the Zoo and the Tivoli Gardens. The card can be purchased at all tourist stations.

  • Do visit the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art that is set in a beautiful garden and the Viking Ship Museum in Rosklide. The Viking Ships from the 11th century are carefully preserved here.
  • Visit the Tivoli Gardens that is actually a theme garden and public park where you get to have a fun time at the Golden Tower, the Ferris Wheel, and the Valhalla Castle and in the roller coaster. Concerts, circus acts and dramas are also held here.
  • Take a glance at the famous cultural symbol of Denmark – the Little Mermaid (Lille Havrue).
  • Don’t miss out on the Royal Copenhagen crystal, the Georg Jensen jewelry and the delicately beautiful porcelain when you go out shopping.
  • Legoland is one place that you must definitely see as it is a 25 acre amusement park filled with more than 40 million plastic LEGO blocks.


GETTING THERE – Dashing Denmark


GETTING THERE – Gateshead Millennium Bridge

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How to get there

Denmark has short distances to be covered making traveling easy and comfortable. Denmark is a modern place where all facilities of transportation are available. Most major cities can be reached within half an hour by air. Air passes are available for tourists. Taxis and bus services are also available. Special discounts can be availed for senior citizens and for family tours depending on the season and the destination.

How to Reach Denmark

By Air

Denmark has international airport in Copenhagen. It is connected to all major destinations throughout the world. There are airports also located at Esbjerg, Aalborg and Billund, which receive the flights from UK and Scandinavia.

By Rail

Trains run between Germany and Denmark. You can take the rail route to Sweden too.

By Road

Buses and cars run between Germany and Denmark. You can find out the the bus route from or to Denmark, and have convenient ride. If you have relatives in the country, or you can hire a car, then movement between Germany and Denmark will be completely under your control.

By Sea

The ports in northern Europe can be reached by sea. The ports like Sweden, Norway, Poland, Germany, UK and Iceland can be approached from Denmark through sea. Therefore, you can reach Denmark from these countries the same way as well.


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