Copenhagen is the capital and most populated city of Denmark. The city’s appearance today is shaped by the key role it has played as a regional centre for centuries. Copenhagen has a multitude of districts, each with its distinctive character and representing its own period. Other distinctive features of Copenhagen include the abundance of water, its many parks, and the bicycle paths that line most streets.

Copenhagen is a green city with many parks, both large and small. King’s Garden, the garden of Rosenborg Castle, is the oldest and most frequented of them all. It is popular for sports fixtures and hosts several annual events including a free opera concert at the opening of the opera season, other open-air concerts, carnival and Labour Day celebrations, and the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix, a race for antique cars. Copenhagen has attractions and sights to suit every taste and interest – and most of them are within walking distance.

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Places to Visit in Copenhagen:

Because of its unique identity it is a famous tourist destination for most people in the world. There are many islands, glaciers, forests and many other attractive things are present in Copenhagen. The following are some of the beautiful and vibrant places to see in Copenhagen.

Tivoli Gardens:

Tivoli Gardens amusement park in Copenhagen is a must for all visitors to the city, young and old. It is the second-oldest amusement park in the world.It was founded in 1843 and has become a national treasure and an international attraction. Part of Tivoli Gardens’ secret is that there is something for everyone. The scenery is beautiful with exotic architecture, historic buildings and lush gardens. The rides are all designed to match Tivoli’s architecture and gardens. Some rides are wonderfully nostalgic.The park is best known for its wooden roller coaster. Some other attractions in Tivoli are Tivoli Aquarium, The pantomime theatre, Amusement archades, Tivoli Jackpot, Tivoli Festival etc.Every autumn Tivoli Gardens is transformed into an enchanted Halloween universe full of witches, pumpkins and lanterns. More Information on the gardens.


Amalienborg Palace:

Amalienborg is considered one of the greatest works of Danish Rococco architecture. Amalienborg is made up of four identical buildings – Christian VII’s, Christian VIII’s Palace, Frederik VIII’s Palace, and Christian IX’s Palace. At the Amalienborg Museum in Christian VIII’s palace you can experience royal life past and present. The museum there presents the private interiors of the most recent kings and queens and an exhibit on the monarchy today with its many traditions. Amalienborg is also known for its Royal Guard, called Den KongeligeLivgarde. More Information on the palace.



Nyhavnis a 17th-century waterfront, canal and entertainment district in Copenhagen, Denmark. Stretching from KongensNytorv to the harbour front just south of the Royal Playhouse, it is lined by brightly coloured 17th and early 18th century townhouses and bars, cafes and restaurants.Nyhavn was originally a busy commercial port where ships from all over the world would dock. The area was packed with sailors, ladies of pleasure, pubs and alehouses. It is serving as a “heritage harbour”.The northern side of Nyhavn (odd numbers) is lined by brightly coloured townhouses built with wood, bricks, and plaster.Nyhavn is filled with people enjoying the relaxed atmosphere by the canal, jazz music and great food. Especially during summer Nyhavn is the perfect place to end a long day.

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Copenhagen Zoo:

Copenhagen Zoo is a zoological garden in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded in 1859, it is one of the oldest zoos in Europe. Copenhagen Zoo houses over 3,000 animals, which together form 264 exciting species. Whatever the weather Copenhagen Zoo offers tropical experiences in the Tropical Zoo.The zoo maintains and promotes a number of European breeding programmes. The daily programme is displayed on Zoo’s website and on information screens at the entrance. Here you will find information about feeding times, newborn animals, the Zoo stage programme as well as other events. Interesting facts about zoo.

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Only 10 minutes drive north of Copenhagen your find the oldest amusement park in the world. You find a large variety of games, rides, restaurants, fastfood and ice cream stalls, and every day there is plenty of entertainment for children and adults alike. And the entrance for the amusement park is free of costbut rides and attractions require money.With 33 roller coasters, ferris wheels, drop towers, and many more exciting and extreme adventures, Bakken offers more rides than any other amusement park in Scandinavia.Bakken contains many other entertainment options in addition to rides. This includes 7 different Gaming Halls that have carnival-style games, slot machines, and dancing.Bakken is open daily from the end of March through the end of August. More about the amusement park.

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National Museum of Denmark:

The National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen is Denmark’s largest museum of cultural history, comprising the histories of Danish and foreign cultures. The museum’s main building is located a short distance from Strøget at the center of Copenhagen. It contains exhibits from around the world, from Greenland to South America. The Gallery consists of a wide corridor that linked rooms and sleeping quarters, and featured plenty of space for exquisite handicrafts. The stucco in the ceiling, the panels and the oak parquet floor are all thought to be original. The National Museum boasts a very large ethnographical collection, a collection of classical and near eastern antiquities, a coin- and medal collection, and a toy museum.Every Monday is a holiday for the museum. Details about the Museum.


Louisiana Museum of Modern Art:

The beautiful museum, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, is located 40 kilometres north of Copenhagen and it has gained a reputation as a museum in touch with the zeitgeist of the contemporary art world. It is the most visited art museum in Denmark with an extensive permanent collection of modern and contemporary art, dating from World War II and up until now, as well as a comprehensive exhibitions. The museum is also acknowledged as a milestone in modern Danish architecture. Besides the impressive permanent collection with over 3,000  works, the museum has 8-12 special exhibitions annually. The grounds around the museum contain a landscaped sculpture garden. It contains many works by famous artists. Every Monday is a holiday for the museum. More Information on the Museum.

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How to Reach:

By Air to Copenhagen:

Copenhagen is well-connected to the rest of the world, with the Copenhagen Airport taking care of how to reach Copenhagen issue. The airport, which is located in Amager Island, is the busiest and largest of all the airports in the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. There are four terminals in all at the Copenhagen Airport.

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By Train:

Copenhagen also boasts of an excellent railway network. There are a number of daily trains which connect the city to the other cities in Denmark. There is a direct high-speed train operated by Danish State Railways, which takes only 12 minutes to commute to the city from the airport.It is also connected to the neighbour countries.

By Sea:

Copenhagen is well connected by ferry services to a number of ports across northern Europe. These include ports in Norway, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Iceland and the UK; note that nearly all of the ferries are seasonal services that operate only in the summer months.

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