Experiance how it feels to be in outer space, see vintage cars, follow Gandhi’s footsteps and of course eat delicious Gujarati food. Ahmedabad ofers all this and much more!


A reminder of Gujarat’s eminent place in India’s freedom struggle, Gandhi Ashram is revered as the erstwhile home of Mahatma Gandhi, where he resided for 12 years. Today, there is a museum , the Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalay, built in 1963 by architect Charles correa, where you can see artefacts related to the Mahatma’s life, as well as Hriday Kunj, Gandhi’s living quarters. Besides these places, vinoba kutir, dedicated to vinoba bhave, one of Gandhi’s most fervent followers, is also worth a dekko.



 So much of old Ahmedabad revolved around  Bhadra Fort that its was imposible to go a day without passing through one of the 21 gates that surrounded the fort. Built by the city’s founder, Ahmed Shah, in 1411, it now houses government officers and a temple. Get to the top for superb panoramic views and you begin to see why this fort was part of a redevelopment plan that sought to make it into a citizen promenade.


To the east of the fort stands the Teen Darwaza, a majestic gateway that once led into the Maidan Shahi, where Ahmed shas’s procession and royal polo matches took places.


 A Snarling traffic junction cannot be on anyone’s wish list, but the sidi saiyad mosque is worth a visit even o the busiest day. A reflection of the city’s glorious Islamic past, this mosque is famous for its majestic 16th  century jaalis. The jaalis are caved masterpieces, featuring designs of intertwined trees and leaves, an the intricate floral curves and curlicues make it look like it was carved in paper, and not in stone.



 Nowhere else is the multicultural side of the city better reflected than in Kalupur. Here you will see numerous sights that complete the heritage picture of the city. Indeed, this is the site of a famous heritage walk In the old part of the city, thanks to the various pols, the 200–year-old Shri Swaminarayan Temple and the stunning Jama Masjid being being located here.

KALUPUR (600 x 450)


 Gujarat Science City is a perfect blend of education and entertainment, in keeping with the ideals of new India. With compelling and imaginative exhibits, this is the latest attraction for students and young visitors to the city who flock to see the working models, virtual reality theatres, activity comers, research labs and live demonstrations. One of the standout exhibits is the simulated journey through space, where you can study the various planets and their orbits through panoramic projections and interactive panels.

sciece city


37092727 (615 x 345) Completed in 1451, Kankaria Lake boasted many features that put it ahead of its time. Today it is the spot for day picnics and unwinding in the evenings. Besides the lake, there is a garden called Nagina Wadi, which can be reached from a walkway in the middle of the lake. The lake is renowned for its street food options and also for the Ahmedabad Eye, a balloon ride that takes visitors above the lake for a stunning view of the city and the Maninagar area.


Morning_scene_of_sitting_area_inside_Law_Garden (615 x 410)

 An immensely popular spot with Ahmedabad natives, the Law Garden is famous as the place to buy handicrafts. But most people come here to taste delicious Gujarati food. Named after the law college that stands adjacent to it, the garden is preferred venue for concerts, dance festivals and other cultural shows.



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