Learn about the exciting adventure options around Bangalore which can help you take a break from the hectic city life. The variable terrain around Bangalore lends itself well to various adventure sports activities around the city. Here are the top 11 picks in terms of adventure activities.

Trekking, Adventure


The lush greenery around the IT hub of Bangalore means that there are many lovely trails for trekking. There are some adventure beautiful trails that are full of luscious woods, sparkling streams and unique opportunities for bird watching like Savandurga, Kunti Betta, Bheemeshwari, Ramanagra, Makalidurga, Anthargange etc. All you need for going off on an adventurous trek from Bangalore is a backpack with grub and water and some good music for company.

Bamboo Rafting, Adventure


Bangalore is home to a lot of corporate events of adventure  and is frequently visited by domestic and international It and non It professionals  for adventure . Well after long and tiring seminars rafting amidst the turbid waters of the famous Kaveri River is a stress buster. The Barpole River near Bangalore city is also a great place for indulging in this exhilarating activity. There are various levels of Bamboo rafting activities and it’s important to partake in rafting only with the help of a certified trainer.

Kayaking, Adventure


Bheemeshwari, Dandeli and Coorg are the best destinations to go river rafting and Kayaking in adventure. Bangalore has peaked to great popularity in the recent times for adventure . There are many water bodies such as lakes and rivers that allow this particular water sport to flourish. Kayaks are boats made from specially treated fiber or plastic material and each boat is installed with a floatation machine that keeps the boat afloat. Most of the Kayaking in Bangalore takes place on the River Sharavathi which is fed by the reputed Jog Falls.

Rope Traversing, Adventure


Rope Traversing is a super exciting activity that puts a lot of adventure expectations on the mental strength and the fortitude of a person. A big and heavy pulley is suspended on a point by a cable which takes one down an incline. The pulley and the cable system allow the players to cross from one point to the other by way of the rope. The players will use the harness and the services of a guide who teaches them this thrilling activity. Ramnagar and Bheemeshwari are the two spots which are best suited for high rope traversing.

ATV bike Adventure


An ATV bike is also called an All Terrain Vehicle or a Quad Bike. It’s very interesting to use the ATV bike as a unique conveyance option for exploring the adventurous terrain around Bangalore. This is a good way to see the natural vegetation, explore the local beauty and converse with the tribes who live around Bangalore. Lovely waterfalls and virgin forests add to the charm of ATV riding. These power vehicles allow off-road hiking and are simply ideal for a thrilling adventure in the rocky terrains of Bangalore. Ride on your ATV Bike and explore the wondrous craggy locales of Kunti Betta, Sholey hills, Skandagiri etc

Wall Climbing, Adventure


There are many places around Bangalore like Urban Climbers in Srajpura Road and Genthaa Wall at Kanteerva where Wall climbing is an enjoyable activity that is sought by youngsters felf that adventure. There is a big artificial wall that is built in a way that makes it challenging for the climber to navigate as there are a lot of barriers and constructs in the wall. This is an adventure sport that automatically helps improve the fitness levels of the players.

Rock Climbing, Adventure


There are many places around Bangalore on the Deccan Plateau where there are numerous formations of rocks and ranges of mountain felt adventure. Many youngsters and the young of heart are seen trying out their hand at rock climbing in Chitradurga and its twin Savandurga around Bangalore. Rock Climbing is one of the most adventurous activities on offer around the city.

Archery, Adventure


Archery is a sport that has its origins in the earliest vestiges of mankind. The bow and he arrow were the equipment of hunters and they are extremely essential for practicing target hitting and staying focused. Archery is specially preferred by the older adventure lovers who are not very comfortable with engaging in physically strenuous sports. Bheemeshweri is a good place to target if you are interested in archery.

Paintball, Adventure


This is a fun sport which requires players to tag each other with the help of color filled capsules. Team building and enhancement of communication skills can be effectively done by playing the sport of Paintball. There are many resorts around Bangalore which has the facilities for Paintball.

Snorkeling, Adventure


This is an upcoming adventure sport which is practiced around Bangalore. Players can have a lot of fun as they snorkel around in an enormous surface of water after being equipped withsnorkeling equipment. There are many jungle lodges in Bangalore that offer Nature camping facilities to the snorkeling enthusiasts. They can stay in these nature camps set up in the sprawling wild ambience of the jungle and have an easy access to the nearby water bodies such as lakes or rivers for snorkeling and Scuba Diving. In either case, the same process is undertaken with the help of trained and experienced guides. Bheemeshwari nature camp, Galibore nature camp, Bannerghatta nature camp are places where you can put up for practicing these awesome thrilling water adventure activities. Though often snorkeling and scuba diving are assumed as totally identical, there is a slight difference between the two and in this context, it is worthwhile to talk about the difference. In case of snorkeling, the participant carries a snorkeling while swimming. Snorkel is nothing but a tube and mask ensemble. It allows breathing through mouth while keeping oneself in floating state underwater, in close proximity to the water surface. Scuba diving, on the other hand is deep sea diving where the participant wears a special diving suit equipped with oxygen tank to serve the breathing purpose. In case of scuba diving, one can go deep down underwater and explore the sea bed, river bed or lake bed and the beautiful marine life therein. Bangalore has ample scope to allow flourishing of these water sports.



Bangalore by Air

You can reach Bangalore via air at Bangalore International Airport which is located at a distance of 40 km from the city. From here you can take prepaid taxi services and bus services to reach the city. Many national and international flights lands on this airport making approachability of the city easy.

Bangalore by railways

Bangalore railway station is located in the heart of the city. Various trains from all over India come to Bangalore which includes Mysore express from Chennai, Karnataka Express from Delhi and Udyan express from Mumbai which covers many major cities in between. How to reach Bangalore becomes easy by these ways.

Bangalore by road

Bangalore city is connected via major national highways which connects various other cities to it. Buses from neighboring state run on regular bases to Bangalore and Bangalore bus stand also runs various buses to major cities of South India.



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