Waterfalls in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, two states on the Eastern Ghats, are serene and beautiful and provide a great relaxing time to the visitors. Even though there has been a bifurcation between the two states, they have so much to offer when it comes to tourism.


At a distance of about 8 Kms from Araku, the Araku Waterfalls are a lovely waterfalls which offers a picturesque view of the mountain top.At a height of over 60 feet, these falls are one of the best waterfalls in Araku Valley. These waterfalls are located on the top of a mountain and a little bit of trekking adventure awaits you as you climb up the hill.

Best time to visit these falls is the after the monsoon season when the weather is calm, cool and breezy.

 Araku Waterfall


The Katiki Waterfalls are magnificent and spacy and  are located near the Borra caves. To reach the waterfalls, a hike through lush green forests and a walk uphill is required. This place is a wonderful place for those who wish to be surrounded by the beauty of nature. A word of caution- the path can be slippery and narrow.

The best time to visit is August – December period when Monsoon ends and Winter starts to creep in.



The Tadimada Waterfalls, also known as the Anantagiri Waterfalls, is one of the best waterfalls of this region. Its offers it best view in the monsoon. The walk to the waterfalls is quite easy as the road is flat and anyone can walk without difficulty. Swimming is allowed here, making this place a great stop for swimmers.



Kuntala Falls is the second highest waterfall in AP with a height of 150 feet. It is a breathtaking waterfall amidst dense forest. The Kuntala falls cascades down through two steps and can be seen as two separate adjacent falls after the peak rains. Steps are available to reach bottom of falls.

Monsoons and post-monsoons are the best seasons to visit Kuntala Falls. It is dangerous to get into water at the bottom when the water flow is high due to sharp rocks and twists.



Pochera Falls is a pretty waterfall where nature enthusiasts can lose themselves in its surroundings.The water flows through rocks and steps to descend into a huge pool.

Monsoons and post-monsoons are the best seasons to visit Pochera Falls. Visitors are not allowed to go into bottom of the falls during peak monsoons as it may prove dangerous. However, a small stream at left cornor of the main falls is present where visitors can play safe in the waters.

Pochera Falls is usually visited from Kuntala Falls which is about 22 Kms.



Ethipothala waterfalls are a striking waterfalls amidst greenery. The falls are located in a beautiful locality surrounded by lush grass and greenery on all the sides. Visitors can climb down and get close to the falls and bath in the waters of the pool below but are not allowed to go to foot of the falls as it’s dangerous.

A very good restaurant with two rooms for accommodation and wonderful garden with toilet facilities can be availed at this place. Tourists can enjoy a trip at this place watching the falls, bathing and roaming around amidst its beauty.



Talakona Falls is the tallest waterfall in Andhra Pradesh. The waterfalls are placed amidst dense forest surrounded by natural beauty and greenery. It is believed that the water of Talakona Falls is enriched with herbs with healing powers. Talakona is a Biosphere Reserve because of wide variety of plant species present in the region.

November to January is the best season to visit.



By Air

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have many airports. The international airport is located in Hyderabad while many domestic airports are present at cities like Tirupathi, Visakhapatnam, Guntur, Secunderabad, Warangal, Vijaywada, etc.

By Train

AP and Telangana are well connected by rail to cities like Chennai, Kolkata, Bhubhaneshwar etc

By Road 

Buses are available from Chennai, Hyderabad, Odisha etc to the waterfalls near Vizag

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