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 In the midst of turquoise sea, Maldives is and oasis of peace and tranquility. Male, the capital is a mix of high-rise buildings and narrow streets, all ringed by seawalls.



48 Hours in MALE

Head out in a dboni (a kind of boat) and on board there would be a multitude of hand reels, buckets of bait, a cooler full of icy cold drinks, some ‘Picnic Breakfast’ along with a crew of friendly Maldivian staff. Sit at the dboni roof and learn about fishing and its importance to the Maldivian life, as you enjoy the immense vastness of the ocean that stretches before you. Finally you pull at your stop, firmly anchored; hand reels with freshly baited hooks will be passed around. If you are lucky you may hook one, and slowly and systematically as you reel the line in you would see the catch…simply amazing! After all that hard work the Breakfast tastes decadent to the core.


48 Hours in MALE

Take a speed boat and head to Male to savour true flavours in the local fish and vegetable markets, which are full of fresh produce, and stroll along ‘Chaandanee Magu’, the spot for local souvenirs. Fine wooden models of the sea vessels, hand lathe turned wooden trays and canned tuna make a good buy. Also look out for books on marine life, coconut shell spoons, curry pastes, prawn pickles, mother of pearl and coral jewellery.


48 Hours in MALE

Try ‘Nastha’ behind the fish market an unassuming eatery for good bedbikaa aka small eats cooked in a variety of ways, and incidentally most of these resemble the samosas and kacboris that we gorge in our own country. The hot selling items include ‘keemia’, which is batter rolled tuna Keema-tangy and delicious; this is one of its kinds. And ‘Gulha’ which are dough balls with a stuffing of tuna fish and grated coconut. A must try are the kuli Oakibiba alias fish cakes absolutely delicious and fresh tuna can’t taste any better than this. To end on a sweet note go for the ‘Bis Haluvaa’ an egg based pudding is also found as a side dish or as a dessert on most menus. The sweetened black tea compliments the short – eats.


48 Hours in MALE

Back at the resort; do not miss out on a spa session as the mission at the Six Senses at Soneva Gili is to deliver spa experiences that are both unique and memorable. The Spa is dedicated to promoting health and well being in an idyllic setting above the turquoise blue lagoon, allowing one to be healed with the touch of nature. On offer is an extensive range of pampering therapies such as the Six Senses signature treatments to holistic wellness programmes administered by specialist practitioners and their resident Ayurvedic medical doctor. Truly, the spa creates the ideal setting for ‘balancing senses’ as out here it is indeed a work of art that is a total mind and body encounter.


48 Hours in MALE

In your local sarongs walk along the beach to the over water restaurant for a mouth-watering taste sensation of arguably the finest food you can find in the Maldives. All in all it’s the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a holiday and wander the beach.


48 Hours in MALE

For the movie buff, ‘Cinema Paradiso’ brings a lot of fun. Sit under the stars whilst watching the classics, with your private chef and waiter, and enjoy dessert and coffee with the sight and sound of Hollywood’s golden years.



48 Hours in MALE

Take a speed boat and check out Jumhooree Maidhan, the Grand Friday mosque that presides over the landscape and Hukury Miskiiy. Try not to miss the National museum and a blue and white minaret called ‘Munnaru’ as well as the Sultan’s palace-Muleeaage.

 11:00 am BEACH BUMS

48 Hours in MALE

Spend the morning in idyllic island paradise style relaxing amid the golden sandy beaches, the coral reef, the swaying palms and the azure sea and sky. It is one of the world’s finest destinations for snorkelling and diving, and Soneva Gili has its own fully-equipped PADI diving school staffed by professional instructors. A variety of other water sports is also on offer, such as windsurfing and sailing, and a large freshwater swimming pool to just chill.


48 Hours in MALE

Traverse organic fruit and herb gardens, and then move on for lunch. A panoramic westerly aspect over the gardens and surrounding affords spectacular views -Don’t forget your camera. You will not be surprised at the calibre of cuisine here. The lunch is purely composed from the organic grown island produce, Maldivian seafood, fruit and vegetables. The meat is incredible, the seafood unsurpassed and the fruits and vegetables that grow onsite with gay abandon beckon you to try more. You would notice that every effort is made to find ingredients of the highest quality and have them delivered to the island as pure and fresh as they might have been served at their place of origin. Also I guess they benefit from the abundance of fresh fish available in theMaldives.

 4:00 pm JUST CHILL

48 Hours in MALE

You are inMaldives, so take it easy and enjoy lazing around by the ocean or take a dip in the pool. Water sports is big here and many operators can arrange windsurfing, canoeing, sailing and water skiing and wake boarding. So do try your hand in any of these activities.

 7:30 pm IN VILLA BBQ

48 Hours in MALE

Pre-arrange a romantic candlelight barbeque in front of your villa with the in villa with the in villa service team. At your leisure, you will wine and dine with the sounds of the ocean under the moonlit sky. For the ultimate indulgence you can retire to your sun beds and saver the true evening sky.

 11:00 pm BID ADIEU

 After a blissful experience it’s finally time to take a speed boat and head to the Island Airport. With the impact of climate change on everyone’s mind, this is the best time to head to the Maldives. It’s worth it!.

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Have a great time on your visit to MALE.